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Ryanair flights

Discussion in 'French Property' started by Davep, May 5, 2008.

  1. Davep

    Davep New Member

    I have a house south of Carcassonne and I fly there quite often from Dublin. I am mystified as to how the Ryan air pricing works and how one can go about getting a good priced ticket. Does anyone know how they price things. recently I noticed that the tax seems to vary on a flight that cost the same as another. I always assumed that the tax was fixed?
    Booking early is not always an indicator either, again I recently booked a cheaper flight for a friend who came out with me on the same flight with me several weeks later?

    I think that understanding how to figure out the pricing would help a lot of people that travel to France often.
  2. Davep

    Davep New Member

    I know this will not be a popular post but I have to say, that only for Ryanair we would not have our home in France. I have used the service multiple times this year and have NEVER had any problems. I know the policy of hand luggage and the 10kg rule. I find the online checkin brilliant. We keep a good stock of all the general bits I need in the house, so, the 10kgs is fine. I normally have a lot less than that anyway.
    This coming weekend we are going to Rodez for 0.0c + tax =€8.99 going from Dublin and €29.99 back from Carcassonne.

    This summer I will drive over in June at a cost of €980 on the overpriced ferries. We will be there till August 11th so having our own car is a bonus and of course we can bring wine and real cheese home. So for me I will not begrudge Michael O'Leary his baggage charges, so long as he keeps flying.
  3. kradical23

    kradical23 New Member

    You can always go on the website and go through the booking system but without pressing the final confirmation button to pay. Normally, the final cost can be considerably more than the advertised price due to tax, insurance, luggage charges etc. The first time I did it I was very surprised at the final price myself.
  4. gfplux

    gfplux New Member

    Lets hope they keep flying!
  5. sextant

    sextant New Member

    Hi Dave,
    I don't no neither how Ryan air fixes their prices, but I know that there are alternatives to this now! The price war has been declared between low-cost airlines and Eurostar, who has been cutting prices since June. A Eurostar ticket to France is now £59 (instead of £200 or more)! Low-cost airlines are to be under great pressure from now on, because they won’t be able to compete in terms of journey time... and fingers crossed they will lower their prices too!
    So I know the Eurostar doesn't serve Dublin, but I hope the airline price reduction I mentioned is good news for you!
    I'd be glad to help you again
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2008
  6. buyingallover

    buyingallover New Member

    A lot of it depends upon the time when you book. Boking very early or late is always more expensive. Around 6 weeks before seems best, in my experience.
  7. odond

    odond New Member

    Hi Dave, totally in agreement with you, I live in Paris and would not get home at all if it were not for Ryanair as the others are too expensive. I think it is pot luck on getting a good priced ticket. sometimes I book in advance and get a good price and my husband books later and gets better price!!
  8. mike28

    mike28 New Member

    Hi am new to forum so hope that i am doing things right not sure what the quote thing is but I’m sure I’ll learn.
    I have found the Ryan air site very confusing and i am sure it is meant to be that way, for instance un checking the insurance and baggage takes a bit of working out, also at one time you used to be able to get all the flights up on one page rather than keep going to next day to find if it was cheaper. But I must say all in all it's a very good service
  9. homeseek92

    homeseek92 New Member

    Airport taxes do fluctuate depending on the time when you make the booking and how full the plane is but they tend to fluctuate much more so depending on the hours. Based on a couple of experiences, I've found that weekday flights very early in the morning (from France to UK and vice versa) tend to have very cheap airfare and taxes if reserved well in advance. And this tends to be systematic
  10. odond

    odond New Member

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