Rush decisions leading to total disaster... nearing the end now...



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Should have stuck to my day job. Takeaway business
Looking for a property in a rush to house new family member tenants.
received a recommendation from a delivery driver
view the property, got a property inspection report, saw the little defects listed , negotiated discounts for minor repairs etc..
Bought the property.
took part in a government redevelopment scheme on the street.... and then the penny drop. The surveyor came by to price my jobs and discover a bad case of subsidence as well..
Had a choice as recommended by a builder, underpinning or just leave it be.. so I let it be. Because the builder said “This wall is f*****.”
So i got the main roof re-roofed, it also has an outrigger which the structural engineer advised not to be worked on because it could be like taking the lid off a cardboard box, it could make the walls fall down.
To improve work condition, we built flat roof extension to the back.

Looking back at the property inspection report, movement was mentioned between the lines, but not in plain English...
But it is an old house... and old houses have cracks and movements right?

reroofed the flat roof extension..
done some minor repairs to outrigger..

fast forward to present.
leaking main roof and a missing slate on the outrigger..

the building is still standing, no new cracks , but the outrigger roof is getting worst.

Time for a hard extraction I think.

just contacted two “ we buy any house “ companies and waiting for a call from them.

Never make decisions in a rush... have I just done that again?

Time to let it go I think.. short sharp pain instead of chronic pain.

Don’t know which is worst.

contacted “quick move now “ and “ House Buyer Bureau” , got these recommendations from ” the advisory “ website..

Hope I made the right choice this time...

i didn’t want the place to fall down and cause even more problems...


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Well, QMN has refused to make an offer because the historic subsidence problem has not been professionally monitored . They asked about problems and i told them straight because it will surface in the end and i don't want to be wasting people' time.

I suspect HBB could do same when we come to talking about problems of the property.

Where do i go form there???


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Hey SillyBilly, Hope you're doing better as it sounds like a pickle! There are other companies out there you can try I'd recommend one called housebuyfast who I've used before. They're a friendly bunch who would at least probably give you some advice what you could do. The bigger problem might be how much they offer, keep me looped in!
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