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Royal Manta - Opposite the Old Vic beach & 2min walk from the Marriott.......

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by MrSkipsey, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. MrSkipsey

    MrSkipsey New Member

    Does anyone know much inforation about this development?
    When we was out in Dec 2006 nothing was there. We went back out again Dec 2008 (both times to the Marriott) and there seemed to be alot of progress to the structual work and brick work being laid on the 1st and 2nd floors.

    From what I visually saw from the main road it has no pool but owners can use the Old Vics private beach facilities directly opposite.
    Its also next to Bulls and opposite that is a NEW private beach with gym and sauna that you pay to use on a daily basis.

    Does anyone know who the developers are or who is marketing this build?

  2. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    Royal Manta was supposed to be finished in August, but still has a long way to go.

    They have changed the plans quite a bit from when it was originally launched, adding more units and restricting views from the inner apartments.

    There is no swimming pool on the site and not one on the Old Vic complex either. It's mostly sold to Russians who aren't that keen on pools anyay as they prefer to swim in the sea.

    Prices were very expensive last time I looked which was around the middle of last year - coming in around GBP850/m2. Details are on their website at Manta projects. Be warned, however, that the site contains several 'drive-by viruses'. Luckily my anti-virus program stopped them, but it means I can't access the site to find out what the prices are any more.
  3. MrSkipsey

    MrSkipsey New Member

    Thanks Propertastic,...
    A virus? Could be the reason the BD drive on my laptop stopped playing BD disks. :mad:
    I had to perform a partial system recovery to get it working again.:confused:
  4. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    It's possible. My anti-virus program went nuts when I went to the site.

    I'm no expert on viruses, but it seemed as if there was a program on there trying to get remote control of my PC.

    You should really make a complete scan of your hard disk using one of the free programs like Avira or AVG Free to make sure that there's nothing nasty left on there.

    HORIZON New Member

    Yes, that is true - the units are too expensive, the progress is not visible since the long time and the website is constantly "out of service".

    From what I saw several months ago, they still have much to sell, not less than a half of the units. The ground floor is also designed for commercial units (only several of them are bought.

    Still the place is great and the views if you have ones are amazing. You are directly near the Promenade as well.
  6. redseabrokers

    redseabrokers New Member

    HI, there! ))
    I can tell little bit more about this project..
    the 2nd and 3rd floor almost sold out. I have all the prices here in my computer (i'm not working in Manta)... I can tell you that it's starting from 5500 L.E. which i think makes less then GBP550/m sq.
    Sure this is minimum price per sq m, flats which are close to the road (means have better sea view) more expensive, but the maximum price is 8500 L.E per m sq. BY the way you can have a sea view even from the flats which are deep in the building. BUt honest - flats have somehow strange design. :)

    Plus now they offer the program of buying with rental guarantee for 5 and for 3 years.
    I dont want to break rules of forum- so sure afraid to look like I'm advertising. Just I really like the place so much. IT's quite, but in the same time very near to Promenade, plus if you d not stay all the time in HRG - this matter of discount and rental guarantee looks very attractive.

    Plus Manta made a deal that people who lives in Royal will have discount in Old Vic, Elysees, BUlls.
  7. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    LE5500/m2 = GBP687.5/m2

    LE8500/m2 = GBP1062.50/m2

    That's pretty expensive for a secondline development which doesn't even have pools.

    Compare the development with Regency at the Old Vic which is a firstline development, almost directly in front of Royal Manta, with pools and prices from GBP850/m2 through to GBP995/m2 and see which one looks to provide the best value.
  8. redseabrokers

    redseabrokers New Member

    Royal Manta is nice for people who likes to invest , I believe so.. not only to buy home, but to get benefits from owning this home.
  9. Manta

    Manta New Member

    Hi everyone my name is Nasser I’m then new IT manager for Manta Real Estate Co.
    Yes there was few problems with Manta’s website but now its up and running, up to date with the new reduced prices Related to the global crisis which all people are facing now, comparing with all the surrounded projects prices, now manta’s projects in the most suitable prices with extra facilities such as (swimming pool, Kids Club, lovely land scalping, wonderful Annual membership for Beach use offer, and much more.. )
    For more information please visit our (New look) website
    I’m open for any suggestions or new ideas
    Regards to all
  10. Alan Cockayne

    Alan Cockayne Banned

    YES.... Tell your owners to build all the homes first with their own banking facilities, then offer each finished property onto the market as Show Homes alongside a completed resort and full management facilities.....

    That way our customers will be able to move in with cash on a delivered project, the guaranteed way. The way we expect to buy in the UK and in Europe.

    Not the other way round. - delivery after cash (which in some cases may take ten years to complete after all these recent fiascos, setbacks and government interferences)

    Alan Cockayne. - Coralife-Style Consultants
  11. Manta

    Manta New Member

    Dear Alan Cockayne Thanks for your Advise be sure i'll deliver it to the Owners of the projects
  12. Alan Cockayne

    Alan Cockayne Banned

    Sold Out

    You can also advise them that I can sell every one of your units within 6 months if they were covered with a long term financial package, using their company bank as the lender to each customer.

    And each sale comes would come with a bulding certificate and guarantee of workmanship from an independent RICS surveyor allowing a property insurance company to cover the long term loans.

    In other words, they wouldn't be standing empty and customer repayments would cover cost of build and the interest will add extra profit in the long term.

  13. Manta

    Manta New Member

    Thanks for your Advis

    Thanks Alan for your advise it sound rely interesting i would like to have more explanation about that before i talk to the boss please feel free to contact me by phone +20102494166 or you can keep your posts here if you more comfortable with that
  14. Alan Cockayne

    Alan Cockayne Banned


    You can e-mail my office : [email protected]
    Or call me on 0044 1142889274 or free skype me at: Alan Cockayne (user name)
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