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Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by harri, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. harri

    harri New Member

    Can anyone let me know if they have bought in this resort?

    I heard construction is underway and with a completion date of 2012.

    I think if my research is correct then it was being sold last year or so but misrepresentation by agents in the UK has meant that the developer is now running all sales and marketing in house?

    I can still see it on lots of websites though and would rather buy direct if i decide to?

    Any existing buyers would maybe give me some confidence or any genuine beachfront developments also of interest as i feel these will be the best properties for rentals,holidays and resale?

    Thanks H.
  2. harri

    harri New Member

    I am not really interested in being 'marketed' property on an independent forum but only wanted to get some advice from any buyers or people who have seen the development.

    thanks H.
  3. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi posts would have been removed if posts where made by agents. As per above Harri is asking for comments from buyers not agents.
  4. fair enough but I just commented and post pictures I have as a help not more
  5. behappy

    behappy New Member

    We originally reserved when the development was being marketed as Regency Beach, but pulled out due to the very bad publicity surrounding the promoters at the time. Incidently, when we withdrew we received our reservation deposit back very quickly with no hassle or arguements (this had been held by LAW).

    We took the plunge and reserved again when the development was "re-marketed" as Royal Beach, directly from the developers. Yes, we did (and still do) view this as some risk, but if the resort comes to fruition as planned, the outcome at the price offered was irresistable. We originally visited Hurghada before the first reservation and were very impressed with the town in general, and the location of Royal Beach (absolutely frontline) took some beating. I really wanted a resort with it's own private beach as I think that this is only way to guarantee beach access in the future (just look at Sharm).

    Since we reserved, we have now exchanged contracts and have received photos of the first phase foundations. Of course, I am still nervous of the eventual outcome, but have everything crossed that all will be OK. I find it a bit strange that there is very little discussion on this forum regarding this development, and would welcome any views from buyers or otherwise.

    Here's hoping!
  6. Th positive point now abou this project is the developer is the developer so the risk percentage is not high this time and hopefully everything will be ok, and all what you need to do is tracing development with your agent and check the situations
  7. J Chadwick

    J Chadwick New Member

    Hi all,

    I have just returned from a 4 week trip to Hurghada which was with the sole purpose of looking for somwehre with a view to buy and I concentrated on my searchg around the Sahl Hasheesh area, Hurghada and El Gouna, finding that realistically only Hurghada was in my price range for something i was looking for, although I was very impressed with El Gouna but left a little confused about the buying process in El Gouna but that is a different story.
    One of the developments I did look at was Royal Beach and I met the developer who showed me around and in response to your intial question Harri I was pleasantly surprised and for all the dodgy stories I had heard about some ressorts out there felt quite at ease with activity on the site and a building sprouting up it seemed pretty secure and certainly a great spot.
    I was keen to get a history of the development and am now aware of what had happened previously but it seems the person in question who marketed the resort did quite a number on a few other developments and I was assured from now on that the developer would take full control and responsibity which I found quite refreshing.
    And like you behappy I must admit for what it offers to offer and the fact you do have a private beach which is the only way to go as far as I can see in Hurghada for a return on investment down the line it does offer a good looking investment on paper for the price it is. I also liked the fact it is still relatively close to El Gouna.
    I could go on about my conclusions for other "so called" beachfront resorts and to my mind there are only 2 worthy of consideration with this being one of them. The majortiy seem to have delusions of grandeur or an active imagination as to where beaches are that they can use. But I wanted to keep this relative.
    So although I havent yet decided to take the plunge yet and am planning to go out again next month to see if work has carried on as it was doing I just wanted to give my thoguths on what I saw - and it was all quite positive when it came to Royal Beach.
    I hope this helps and if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them if I can with just being out there and it is still realtively fresh - I also took a couple of photos if you would like them Harri or Behappy.
  8. behappy

    behappy New Member

    It's good to hear your positive comments about the beach. As you say for what it appears to offer it seems like a good investment.

    Any photos you have would be greatly appreciated. We have had a few from the developer who seems keen to keep clients up to date on the progress of the site, but an independant photo would be greatly appreciated.

  9. J Chadwick

    J Chadwick New Member

    Hi behappy,

    No problem, they were only taken on my phone but will send you a few that may help -just send me your email address and I will forward them on.

  10. behappy

    behappy New Member


    For some reason I can't private message you - maybe you haven't posted enough? - and I'd rather not put my private e-mail address on a public forum. If you can private mail me (do this by clicking on my user name), I'll send you my e-mail address.


  11. J Chadwick

    J Chadwick New Member

    Hi Nick,

    I may have to add you as a friend, which i have and sent you a request and i assume you have to accept me. The more I have looked around and made sure everything I saw was as it is I think I will be taking the plunge also. It looks about as safe as it could be for something off plan and cannot see how it will be a sound and prfitable investment come completion.

  12. behappy

    behappy New Member


    I've accepted the friend request so hopefully you should be able to send the photos.

    Good to see you are thinking of taking the plunge also. As you say, there is some risk as I think there always is off plan in Egypt, but the development really does look as if it could be a real winner - at least work has started now!

    Would be really interesting to hear from any other buyers (or potential buyers)?

  13. J Chadwick

    J Chadwick New Member

    Hi Nick,
    it appears I have to be an Active member tou use my private message facility so I cannot send them yet - I dont know if this helps but whilst I was there they developing their new website (the developers) and there are some on there and there are some on there from mid feb if I rememeber correctly - I also dont think I can put links on so if you just put Royal Beach and Hurghada into google you will find it. You may have seen it, I dont know but thought I would pass it on if you hadnt.
    I just tried to send you my emaill but I wasnt allowed until I have created 5 posts
  14. harri

    harri New Member

    i am now going to travel out next week having made a tentative decision on an apartment (1 bed in block c). Any ideas on the view from c block as i guess pool side is best? i decided against Morocco due to prices being very steep when compared with hurghada. i hope that being beachfront will aid rentals on completion.

    i will get some photos so pm me and i will send on my return.

    Thanks Harri
  15. behappy

    behappy New Member

    Hi Harri,

    From what I can remember Block C backs on to a development of detached villas, so I suppose the view would be quite nice if you went for one of the upper floors. However, I think that the view overlooking the pool area would be nicer and you should still have the sea view.

    hope this helps,

  16. dave2u

    dave2u New Member

    when i read that you thought that a new era in property purchase in Egypt is dawning i thought for a minute that developers where going to build somthing with there own funds with 10% of my money and my balance held with a solictor and paid when development is complete and i mean complete and snagging done.
  17. NeilHollingsworth

    NeilHollingsworth New Member

    Not quite that new era but they are going in the right direction and we are actually looking into escrow accounts. I don't know anywhere that builds with only 10% deposit though:smile::smile:

    Snagging will be done properly!!!
  18. behappy

    behappy New Member

    The developer has updated their website - Royal Beach Hurghada in Egypt - with recent photos showing they are up to the third floor on zone C and have started laying foundations for Zone A - so far so good!

    Harri, did you visit Hurghada and come to any decision on a property?
  19. Miro

    Miro New Member

    Anyone has an advise whether to approach the developer directly or an agent for Prices? which is best?? What is the cons & Pros?
  20. simpywimpy

    simpywimpy New Member

    Unfortunately Peter, I have yet to meet a broker in Hurghada whose word I can trust!

    Having seen the promises to regency clients turn to dust by brokers, developers and legal teams all claiming it's the others responsibility that things have gone wrong, I wouldnt take the risk with my money there.

    I saw in March 2008 - just 2 short months after reserving on regency beach that something was terribly wrong with the whole thing - how come it took you two years? It was too late by then for most

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