Romanian, in the European top spot of real estate investment



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The fond placement in buildings, residences and Romanian land might prove to be the most profitable long term investments in Europe. This is according to a study made by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

According to the sudy if a person would place now, on the Romanian real estate market 100.000 euros. In 10 years the investment would worth 5 times more.

Specilists claim that the substantial profit is greatly due to Romania’s inclusion in the European Union and the fast economic growth that it’s experiencing.


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about property in Romania

I see that you are interested in Romanian property market. I give you some informations; INVESTING IN ROMANIAN REAL ESTATE-

Welcome to Investment Romania

In October 2001 a group of nine Irish investors met in Dublin to discuss where was the best overseas location for property investment. Many names were thrown out from Bulgaria to Latvia. to Poland. We all knew that the Eastern European property market was going develop in time, the question was where? We all had opinions and ideas about the property market and eventually agreed that I would undertake a detailed property market analysis.

We met monthly thereafter and I would present my findings to date. Eventually in January 2002 my research was complete and I presented to them Romania as the best European property investment location. Needless to say there was shock and horror and even questions as to my sanity.

They gave me the negatives "Romania has no chance of getting into the EU." Wrong if you looked at the bigger picture and a map of Europe, Romania's strategic location was too important to Europe for it not to get into Europe and as we all know I was proven correct on 1 January 2007. They then gave me the corruption argument? I pointed out that everyone was saying go to Bulgaria and the potential it had, yet statistically it was much more corrupt than Romania, and it also had a mafia unlike Romania. Then came the poverty argument. I explained the prices were comparative if not less and not only this, but Romania whilst poor had virtually no world debt. This made property investment in Romania very appealing to me.

If you know anyone interested in investing in Romania i have a plot of land in Bucharest in good location to build apartments,etc.,you can contact me.