Role of broker in getting mortgage



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I am new to property and am planning to buy a new build property. I was asked by a broker to provide all contact details, bank statements, credit card details and proof of address for them to evaluate whether I could get a mortgage. I am worried whether sharing all these details online are safe and what precautionary measures should be taken to be safe against identity theft and other frauds.
Also what are the hidden charges. What solicitors are good? What are property survey firms etc to inspect the property?
Should I seek mortgage via broker or consult a bank or building society directly?


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Hi. I am also a new member.

We are buying our fourth property and have found using a broker to be far better than banks or building societies. Remember they have everyone's products to offer not just inhouse products.

I have found the free mortgage search on PropertyHawk is worth running and discussing with your broker, but the best deal on that is not always best for your circumstances. Use the experience of a good broker.

If you are worried about data security, scan/print details and drop them through the brokers letterbox, although I have never had any issues. You could also use a cloud server like Box to deposit them in and give the broker secure access.

We have used Shoosmiths solicitors twice and they were excellent, but you need to choose from the lenders panel. Your broker should be able to advise on this too.

My recommendation is not to buy off-plan or brand new, as there is normally a new building premium to pay. However I try to buy at less than 20 years old if possible as I don't want to get involved in major refurbs.

Hope that helps.