Restriction in foreign investment in real estate

Discussion in 'China property' started by lane, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. lane

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    Hi Guys,
    China plans to restrict purchases of real estate by foreign investors to reduce speculation and prevent a property bubble, a government official said.

    New rules defining what type of overseas investor can buy property may be announced this month, Lin Zheying, deputy director general of the commerce ministry's Foreign Investment Administration, told reporters in Beijing today. This is the news
    Thank you
  2. reeta

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    Hi Lane,
    China is doing everything the BOE is not.
    Preventing unwanted bubbles from destroying their growing (real growth not debt spruced rubbish) economy by whatever tools are available. Raising reserve requirements, preventing speculative investment that damages their economy.
    When you are led by monkies you end up with peanuts.

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