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Resale market in Ajman

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by farren, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. farren

    farren Banned

    Hi Would like to know what the resale market is like in ajman.I bought a studio in the cavendish and was thinking of selling I bought at 277800 AED.Price now is 321000AED. Prices seem to be going up at good rate on this devolpment as this is off plan.All advice welcome.:)also could anyone recommend few good agents who could sell my studio.
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  2. Baktygul

    Baktygul New Member

    Hi, can you please specify the specs of your studio appartment? Thanks
  3. farren

    farren Banned

    It is on The Cavendish 37m2 ,on floor 14 ,If you email me I can give you more details,paddyfarrenatyahoodotcom.
  4. Ajman15

    Ajman15 New Member

    Hi, I would also like to know what the current resale market in Ajman is like. I have a full sea facing 2 bed apartment (1,992 sqft gross area) on the 38th floor of Ajman Corniche Residences. I paid 1.87m AED in July 2008 however am prepared to sell it for 1.77m.
  5. psychiatrist

    psychiatrist New Member

    Sorry but to my knowledge the resale market in Ajman is not that developed, perhaps that will change once all these new launches stop in 2009
  6. Green_age

    Green_age New Member

    Hi there,
    I have 2 flats for resale. my conditions are flexible. any advice?
  7. Think2010

    Think2010 New Member

    Resale Apartments for sale in Marmooka City, Ajman

    Freehold apartments for sale in Marmooka City, Ajman. We pay 15% so far. 5% every queater. completion 2011. resale price 550Sq feet plus 30K car park. 1 and 2 bedrooms available.
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