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RERA creates 2009 price index for properties

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Propy, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Propy

    Propy New Member

  2. pisandre

    pisandre New Member

    "Rental prices for residential properties, however, are not clear. Properties are divided into apartments and villas, and are based on the size of the building only and no other criteria.

    Prices were not given."

    Sure it is going to help :rolleyes:
  3. Propy

    Propy New Member

    I totally agree with you pisandre, nothing is clear in dubai and very well said by one of our fellow member Roshan few hours ago ( link to his comments : )
  4. georgihh

    georgihh New Member


    No comment I am tired:):)
  5. aveshbachav

    aveshbachav New Member


    It seems to me that we and the media is unaware that the residential rental index was released along with the commercial one. I just visited RERA and got a link where in I found the following for free hold property.

    Welcome to the Official Dubai Real Estate Community

    You will get an excel sheet, browse through the different tags in the sheet, I know tags are all in Arabic but there is index for deira, karama, commercial, burj dubai and one for freehold property.........

    For Intl City, the index for studios, 1 BR and 2BR are 45-55K, 65-75K,85-90K respectively.

    I do not understand what the new decree by Shaikh Maktoum to freeze rentals would mean wrt to the index for freehold properties. We need serious discussion among ourselves.
  6. Propy

    Propy New Member

    Comprehensive 2009 DXB property Rental Index (Commercial & Residential) in PDF format

    2009 Rental Index for International City (please check page 3 of this document)

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  7. mash

    mash New Member

    The index is useless for IC. They haven't even differentiated between the clusters, not to mention the Central District.

    CJGEORGE New Member


    Please recommend the best bank in Dubai OR Ajamn giving the best service for a person living in the UK and having a regular income from properties in UAE. I have an account with ME bank, whose service are poor( contacted at least 25 times), and so far in the last two years I was unable to pay someone in Dubai, or given a cheque book.

  9. GDS

    GDS New Member

    Dr. George,

    I'd set up and a/c with RAK Bank a couple of months ago and I find them to be rather competent in a situation as yours. If you want, I can give my relationship manager's contact. Pls PM me for that.

    If one is not a UAE-resident, they are not likely to get a cheque book from the bank. You will have to fax in your requests to move the funds around.


    CJGEORGE New Member


    I would like to know more about opening an account. Please give more details.

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