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RERA Are They A Total Waste Of Time

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by patience, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. patience

    patience New Member

    From what I have read on here and my own experience, I'm getting the impression they are a total waste of time!

    My own developers says they dont give a damn what RERA say they will run their company how they like and treat us how they like!

    We have contacted RERA by email, but they dont reply. Is it worth phoning them?

    Have you had any success with RERA?

    Many Thanks.
  2. financier888

    financier888 New Member

    they are surely overloaded - try going to their office in person..
  3. dubainvestor

    dubainvestor New Member


    Haven't got anything constructive to tell you, but we totally agree. We have sent two emails to RERA and had no response whatsoever, not even an acknowledgement that they have received them. We can't visit them in person as we are in the UK, but have asked our real estate agent if they can do anything on our behalf.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2009
  4. badrah

    badrah New Member

    RERA is total waste of time - start looking for a lawyer, but again lawyers in dubai are worse, they are waste of time & money, since there is really no law to protect you.
  5. romail

    romail New Member

    Where is the law IN dubai?
  6. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    From what Ive read about RERA they are a waste of time.Although that might have more to do with the fact there is just too much for them to deal with.Thousands upon thousands of disputes.
    Dubai is full of crooked developers.The gov has been slow to act.Sheik Mo is happy to take our money.He encouraged us to invest in Dubai.Then when the s.hit hits the fan he does not support people.He is only interested in his own people.Dubai is to some degree a racist state that doesnt seem to look too good upon foreigners.They want our money but dont want to give us visas.Its pathetic.
  7. PropGuy

    PropGuy New Member

    Dubai can't do anything with visa, decision is supposed to be taken by Abu Dhabi.
  8. AjmanInvestor

    AjmanInvestor Banned

    buyers and investors coffins are ready

    Its a shame really, all laws are being framed after the properties were sold, may june july will be worst.....for buyers and investors and already the new amendment the buyers and investors coffins are ready.....
  9. Heavenscent

    Heavenscent New Member

    Yes, its a lawless society. Take the money and stick your head in the sand... No one is doing anything to find our rougue developer (has never developed anything in his life except lies) Imran Khan - big and fat on the front page of Islamica magazine - Al Barakah - building value on trust and integrity, sharia compliant ! anymore and you,ll be throwing up!!
    Investors from all over the world have been fleeced out of over 1.4 billion Dirhams/ 400 million $$$, mainly in Ajman but also in Dubai - so where is RERA then !
  10. sgmasey

    sgmasey New Member

    Just read the last few posts here and I'm not sure now whether to make a trip to Dubai to meet with my developer/RERA/lawyer, it sounds like it could be a waste of time and money??!!

    What can be done if a project is yet to begin and is not registered etc, there must be something surely??



    SALIM KARDIFF New Member



    She said to me that all the developpeurs necessarily had to register to the ARRA before May first, after this date state purchase them.I signed a certificate gave authorization to the arra to engage(start) procedures for Swindle.after this date woman also said to me that I could engage(start) also a complaint in the tribunal.I have phone M.ABDUL QADEER DE ALBARAKAH to ask him(her) if it had to put down(to deposit) something to the ARRA , he told me yes but woman of ARRA control and told me that no,nothing about AL BARAKAH. I would like to purchase abdul to cut him an ear but I had no time :).next time INSHA ALLAH.someone trying to work for me in dubai on this problem I LL give you news about it.
    best regards .
  12. irish ann

    irish ann New Member

    Don't bother ur self

    They are a waste of time. If you are a tenant you are fine anything else seems to not have a chance. even hiring a lawyer seems to be a waste. Sorry for the bad news. I spent 5 hours there yesterday waiting for my case to be heard. The first thing the RERA guy SHOUTED at me as I was the very last case of the day, he obviously was in a bad mood and I had to suffer his insolence , degrading manner towards me and complete lack of chance to state my case. A complete waste of time. is there any way that you can make a personal complain about a RERA representatives behavior and possible injustice been carried out ???????
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