Renting without permission



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Can anybody help me. My husband and I co-own a property with another couple. We want to rent out the property can we do that without their permission? If we did what would be the consequences?


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Check with your insurance company.

Any insurance claim is likely to be void.

If you take rental income, I assume you'll split it 50-50 with the co-owner ?

Wouldn't recommend it, unless you know them well and they're unlikely to be overconcerned.


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Do you live in the property? do the other couple live in the property?

Why don't you want to tell them?

As said if you did want to do it you would have to change your insurance policy to be a tenant insurance policy with all your interests noted on it. You would probably take a deposit which would have to sit in a deposit account with all your names on I believe.

I think it would be easier to tell them.


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Renting the property

Why you don't want to tel the other couple who are the partners of the property, does they don't live in the property. It is better to take the permission from them........