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Renting/selling your property in Bucharest

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by gigabyte, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. gigabyte

    gigabyte New Member

    Just spoke with a guy named James Daly who is an agent in Bucharest with Southern Cross Real Estate.

    He is keen to hear from investors looking to either rent long term or sell their apartments in Bucharest.

    His email is [email protected]

    and his number is +40 7266 44411
  2. hudco

    hudco New Member

    james daly

    I am sure this is the person that was involved with the purchase of our house through *** . we spent 5days over there & he seemed to be quite informed about the area .I believe he is australian & his partner is romanian. we found him very accommodating & was not at all forcefull in our dealings . we have been trying to contact him since he left the company shortly after we purchased our property. he may be helpfull as we believe he also purchased property in the same development
  3. David howe

    David howe New Member

    I note James site is still under construction? at Investment Romania we are currently getting a lot of enquiries from foreign nationals who made investments and are now looking to sell on. On some we have been very successful, but unfortunately on others we are finding the promised uplift investors were led to believe woud be applicable to them before signing their purhase contract. One instance at the moment is a client who bought 3 studio apartments in Grenfields in August 06 now finds that the developer is still only selling the same studio in the next phase at 8,000 euro more than was paid for it 18 months ago. Here we see a 30% deposit invested for 18 months in a market that has done well in excess of 40% yet the client can only anticapate a profit of less than 10%? On any market knowledge is wealth, At Investment Romania we have an open forum which dates beyond this particular development in 06. Have a look and it wil give you an insight into not only the Romanian market, but our knowledge of it.
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