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Rental Robbery Thread

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by jordandvdj, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. jordandvdj

    jordandvdj New Member

    What do you get for your money in the rental market

    Here are some recent items i have observed in the last week when choosing a new rental.

    Discovery gardens - in a brand new apartment up for rental i have seen gouged marble kitchen work tops, switches and sockets at odd angles, sand coming through windows that are not fitted properly and forming small dunes on the windowledges, cupboard door with extensive damage and actual holes in them, cracked plaster, painted over lightswitches - the list goes on. 100,000 for 1 bed

    JBR - wavey plaster finish on walls, drain overflows black with constantly backing up waste water, render falling off around the balcony, tiling in bathrooms that looks done by a 2 year old, lifts in disrepair - dented, cracked floor tiles, flickering lights, cracked marble all over the lobby - etc. 150,000aed for 1 bed

    Shoreline Apartments - External render in disrepair. I think they are an embarrassment to the palm. Lobby nothing special, apartment nothing special. Kitchen cheap quality and bathroom tiny - 160,000aed for 1 bed

    Springs 5 - tiny lounge, kitchen that looks like it was found in a skip, external render that looks 20 years old, junk piled in parking bays, pool with 9 sun loungers for 100 villas or so - 200,000aed for 2 bed mid terrace.

    JLT - dodgy plumbing, no TV or internet, windows that cannot be seen out of for dust and gunk, inside a site, paint finish that looks 99% water 1 part paint, very cheap fictures and fittings. It is not just adjacent to but inside an actual building site with site plant and trucks roaring around non stop, no shops, no bars, cones to guide you out of the development. 140,000 for 2 bed.

    I saw only 2 excellent properties in my travels. Old Town Burj and Marina Promenade (both EMAAR). Choose one of these. Was happy to pay more as i spend much time at home and could not stand those above. I pity those who have kids and need 3 beds. All the financial benefit of working in dubai must be wiped out in todays market unless you want to live in inferior accommodation or spend all day in traffic.
  2. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    Considering dubai properties are being built by unskilled cheap labour,low quality is all you can expect.
    Also,from what I've seen in person and on the internet,the materials used,kitchens,bathrooms,PVCu windows and doors,are cheap and nasty.
    Even in expensive villas and marina appartments the materials used are no better than what you get in a cheap studio.
    Personally,if I were to live in a unit in dubai I'd rip the insides out and replace it all.
  3. cansaw

    cansaw New Member

    This is NOT the norm in Dubai. Sorry to say, I differ from you - I work with properties in Dubai on a daily basis. Why would thousandS rent in Dubai, millions of investors invest here - if all you state above, is the norm?
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