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Bhupesh Kokate

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Is there a license required to open a real estate rental company?


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It will depend upon where you are based and where you are looking to trade. Good to see the UK government finally waking up to formal qualifications for estate agents.


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I think this is the start of a major crackdown by the UK authorities to cleanup the real estate sector. While the vast majority of real estate agents play it by the book there are many names which crop up time and time again with accusations of rogue practices. This has been too long in coming.


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An example of this is Holland. In Amsterdam, only the main occupant can rent a property, and the vacation rental should only be occasionally: people cannot rent their house permanently and commercially. Another is to hire amsterdam minibus with established companies such as (moderated) of coverage in all euros. The guidelines are established to ensure that vacation rentals are made safely, honestly and without causing problems to neighbors and other residents. People who rent their home but do not comply with the regulations run the risk of being fined, having to pay the pending tourist tax or even having to vacate their house.
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It really does depend on which country you are looking to trade. I would strongly recommend taking legal advice as any mistakes could prove very very costly!