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rental management in saidia?

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by greensinvestor, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. greensinvestor

    greensinvestor New Member

    is anyone aware of any rental management plans and services on the non-touristic plots in saidia?

    i have purchased on the greens, and have not yet heard of any services being provided.

    its drawing closer and closer to completion time and it'd be good to get rental sorted out asap. if anyone has any info, it would be much appreciated.
  2. cocopops

    cocopops New Member

    i've been wondering that myself. i've done a bit of research but haven't found much. it seems to still be early days.
  3. Mr Ri

    Mr Ri New Member

    Greensinvestor and Cocopops

    Take a look at the posts 'The Greens' or 'Finally got my property in AP6'. Both those threads include an attached pdf file entitled 'How to Maximise Yield'. There's a link to a decent website in the footer of the pdf file.

    In terms of services, check out fkdev's post 'help during your next visit'.

    If you'd like I can PM you with some specific details.
  4. gbdahew

    gbdahew New Member

    The Greens Rentals

    Hi guys-I have also purchased on The Greens and wish to rent my property however I dont want a lot of work myself-lazy girl !!
    Anyway I found a great site that is full of info and handles all the rental side of things for u including on line payments. Its the usual www address just add saidiavactions and then dot com or pm me if you cant find it. It seems quite a lot of other owners and service companies are interested in working with them.
  5. greensinvestor

    greensinvestor New Member

    Thanks very much for the help guys. saidiavacations seems like a really useful site.
  6. The Soup Dragon

    The Soup Dragon Senior Member

    Mr Ri. Thank for posting the document. Think equation in first page needs changed. (Numerator and denominator wrong way round.)
  7. Mr Ri

    Mr Ri New Member

    Thanks Soup. I'll get it fixed.

    I'd certainly appreciate any more comments, suggestions or improvements to the 'How to Maximise Yield' document.
  8. Mr Ri

    Mr Ri New Member

    Revised version attached

    Attached Files:

  9. inovative

    inovative New Member

    renting service

    as an owner in mediterrania saidia (a two bedroom appartment in the nautic maroc, which is AP1) i developped a renting service which is near to be completed. you will find my on appartment at the moment for renting and you're welcomed to contact me if you want to advert your own apartment on this website.
  10. greensinvestor

    greensinvestor New Member

    I have found a management company who also deal with rental advertising, they are recommended by the sales agents i used and are apparantly established on other sites around the world. They are also dealing with other areas in morocco, not just saidia. they are very helpful so pm me if anyone wants contact details to check them out.
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