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Rent or Buy?

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by warmblood, May 31, 2007.

  1. warmblood

    warmblood New Member

    I have sold my UK property and due for completion in September.(under Scottish law so sale is confirmed) We need advice on how to find property to rent as we would rather do this initially and then look carefully where to buy. Especially interested in Silver and Azul coast but would consider Algarve if price was right. Also need advice on tax and investments etc. In Fact need lots of advice about everything!!!!!!:p
  2. abelhas

    abelhas New Member

    are you committed to the coast? we advertise long term rentals, so people can move out here and try it before buying. but i havent posted enough to be able to give you a url!
  3. warmblood

    warmblood New Member

    No we are not committed to the coast. Indeed our present home is in rural highlands of Scotland. Would ideally not go further north than Oporto though as air transport from Scotland (where the rest of our family are) is through Faro with the only flights to Lisbon going from London, the other end of the country! We are looking for at least a 12 month rental if anyone can help.
  4. silvercoast

    silvercoast New Member

    I might be able to help in the Silvercoast between Lisbon and Torres Vedras, contact me on ''[email protected]''
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