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remraam phase 2 wanted

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by Fira, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Fira

    Fira New Member

    i am looking studio unit in remraam, phace 1 will be a good, i have offer 1200 net from the real estate. If any one offer me better price , i will buy right now.
    1200 all i will put deposite to day
  2. sameer.dada

    sameer.dada New Member

    Our client selling:
    1 b/r apt Remraam phase 3
    846 sq ft size
    1295 aed / sq ft only all inclusive (transfer + commission)
    sameer(dot) dada (at) gmail
  3. sameer.dada

    sameer.dada New Member

    email me. I have several offers for what you need. sameer (dot) dada (at) gmail
  4. avarice13

    avarice13 New Member

    Hey... Have a 2BR in Phase 2... 1190 sqft. Already been offered close to 1280/sqnet incl transfer and commission but looking for a 'bit' better.

    Anyone interested?

  5. Hussain70

    Hussain70 New Member

    Will sell my phase 2 1BR apartment...anyone interested?

    Asking for 26% premium only...but need to sell within 3 days only!
    1272 sq ft of which 300 sq ft terrace
    OP: 1,021,020
  6. Abu Alram

    Abu Alram New Member

    Hi guys, i have 1 studio at remraam phase 3, i'm the owner

    506 Sqf
    5 Floor
    Pool View
    Selling price 1450 per Sqf
    if you're interested mail me on ra_elia AT yahoo dot com
  7. dany

    dany New Member

    REMRAAM phase 1

    i still have 2 apartments in remraam phase 1 to sell in a very good price. i sold one apartment last week as my building in phase 1 is almost over and the finishing has started, if anybody is interested i would sell both apartments or 1 apartment at a time
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