Removing a restriction



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There is a restriction on a property my husband and I wish to buy (UK). The debt has been cleared by the sellers, however the company that put the original charge on the house has gone into liquidation... before they removed the charge.
The application went off to Land Registry but they have refused to remove the restriction due to a company name discrepancy, they weren’t satisfied with the application for some reason. So it has now been sent to the courts via an independent solicitor. How long can we expect to wait? Will it definitely be removed?

Other than this, we’ve all been good to exchange for months, it’s really dragging now. Unsure of whether we should be looking at alternative properties :(


If the company went into liquidation surely a liquidator must have been appointed to manage their affairs? I would be approaching them first as they will likely have the power to remove the restriction far quicker and far cheaper than going through the courts :)


That would also be my first port of call. You should be able to find who the liquidator is for any company using the companies house website:-

All official documentation relating to a company is noted here.


Hi @westywendy

How did you get on with lifting the restriction on your property? Was it as simple as checking Companies House and then contacting the administrators?