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Relocating my family from the US to Natal

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Cuhulainn, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Cuhulainn

    Cuhulainn New Member

    Hello all, this is my first post here. I am considering moving my family (my wife is a Brasilian citizen) to Brasil as we have a job opportunity with a small hotel in the Ponta Negra neighborhood of Natal.

    I am looking for any advice you would be willing to give a person considering such a move. - tourism in Natal, where to live (needs to be close to Ponta Negra area), etc.
  2. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Hi Cuhulainn and welcome to the forums.

    Tourism in Natal boomed over recent years however has shifted quite drastically in the last year or so from International tourists to Domestic tourists. Having said that the season has extended a bit from before as even now you can walk along Ponta Negra beach and spot quite a few "gringos". Normally at this time of year there are none or almost none.

    Domestic tourism has increased in leaps and bounds and according to several recent newspaper articles, the increase in popularity with the domestic market has made up for the dip in international arrivals. The shift is related not only to the economic conditions worsening everywhere other than Brazil but also to the previous Mayor of Natal who has been criticised for being very anti-tourism and lost a couple of major flights into the area. Some security problems in one of the major tourism spots for Scandinavians cost Natal the Scandinavian flights (or so the company says - yet to be 100% confirmed that they won't be returning).

    The new mayor is very pro-tourism and the government is taking a lot of steps to try and get the International tourists back to the region - including having recruited the former secretary of tourism from bahia as a consultant - he's a reference in the country as an expert after the results Bahia has achieved.

    As to where to live, normally the locals prefer north of the "Rota do Sol" road in Ponta Negra, while the foreigners have been buying south of the "Rota do Sol" road. That is the road that leads from Ponta Negra to Piúm and Cotovelo. The further south you go, the deeper into Ponta Negra you are and closer to disco's, bars, clubs, nightlife and if you go far enough south you come to the "Vila" of Ponta Negra - quite a poor area.

    When you come over, let me know and I'll be happy to show you around and give you a heads up on the area. I live in Ponta Negra (north of the Rota do Sol).
  3. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Regarding Natal itself, it is (according to the last "social radar", performed by the IPEA in 2006) the safest state capital city in Brazil. Well, second safest for men and safest for women...


    If you speak Portuguese, here are some recent newspaper articles relating to tourism. If you don't speak Portuguese yet might be time to either bug the wife or try google translator ;)

    Natal elaborando plano estratégico para o turismo:
    Natal vai elaborar plano estratégico para o turismo - Tribuna do Norte

    Turismo Nacional Resiste à Crise Econômica:
    Turismo nacional resiste à crise econômica - Tribuna do Norte

    Praias do RN recebem turistas Brasileiros:
    Praias do RN recebem turistas brasileiros - Tribuna do Norte

    Agências de viagem esperam crescimento em 2009:
    DN Online | Notícias | Ver Notícia| Agncias de viagem esperam crescimento em 2009

    Praias do RN são destinos turísticos durante Semana Santa
    DN Online | Notícias | Ver Notícia| Praias do RN so destinos tursticos durante Semana Santa

    Estado receberá R$ 600 mil para promoção turística no exterior
    DN Online | Notícias | Ver Notícia| Estado receber R$ 600 mil para promoo turstica no exterior
  4. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Oh and another thing - cars are very expensive here - make sure you are getting a company car. Rent here is also very expensive considering the wages paid here are normally not that high.

    A 2 bed, furnished standard apartment in a decent area is going to cost you between R$ 1.000,00 and R$ 2.000,00 depending on "how decent" you want the area and the facilities of the apartment (view, security, parking, leisure facilities etc) to be. You can find some for around R$ 800,00 but none of the ones I saw in that price range would be something I'd want to live in for any permanent length of time. You can get a house with a pool for less than R$ 2.500,00 but the monthly costs tend to be a lot higher.

    If and when you decide, I'll give you a list of things to bring with you which you can't find here ;)

    Oh and so far I've only mentioned the "less positive" aspects - but the truth is moving here is the best thing I've done for a long time - the lifestyle here is very healthy - I gave up smoking, exercise regularly, fantastic beaches, great weather, great food (and cheap) and friendly people although I'm still getting to know everyone out here.
  5. Frank_London

    Frank_London New Member

  6. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    Here's some good advice if you are moving to Ponta Negra.

    Schools :CEI II(Mirassol) Marie Jost(San Vale),Salesiano (Ayton Senna).They are all within 3 k of P.Negra and offer good education,but don't come for free.

    Social life:plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from all over Natal.Here are some of my favourites......................

    Bohemia(Petropolis)Bar Vincius(Tirol) Atheneu(Petropolis)Buddah Bar (PN)Shock Bar(Petropolis)Pitatinga(Tirol)Dom Cafe (Petropolis) Duas Marias (Petropolis)
    Farol Bar (Petropolis)

    Food:Sal e Brasa(Capim Macio)Tabau de Carne(Via Costeria or Roberto Freire)
    Camaroes(PN)Belle de Jour(Petropolis)

    Bar Pessoa(delicious fish in Buzios) Bar Cotovelo,(Cotlovelo)cheap and cheerful local restaurant (well served fish and local cuisine)

    Açai:Tia Teresinha(Petropolis)Toca do Açai(PN)Ster Bom(all local areas)Mangaba
    (Tirol and Midway Mall.)

    fRUIT MARKETS:Roccas every Monday morning.Dress down and don't flash your gold jewellery and rolex watches around!!Very cheap fruit and veg market close to Ribeira

    Last Sunday of every mth enjoy live Jazz,Blues and Samba in Ribeira and rummage through the bric-e brac stalls.Starts at around 3pm.Take your sunglasses and suncream.Money to buy a beer and local snacks.Very nice afternoon out.

    Casa Ribeira:Great young ,imaginative creative set go to Casa Ribeira for cheap theater,and intelllectual conversation.Holds art exhibitions,and has photo gallery.

    Sundays:Lover's Park. Weekend concerts ,shows and activities for famililes.Check park guide for info.
  7. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Nice suggestions

    Re. Food I'd add Agaricus, Da Camila and Da Roberto as some of the top restaurants in town. Piazzale up in Ponta Negra is nice too.

    Also good and a lot more "local" so much better prices than most of those is the Pinga Fogo. Another attraction of it is that you can have sushi, sashimi, tepanyaki, etc from the Japanese buffet or freshly cooked pasta from the Italian side or help yourself from the Brazilian buffet, where they have Picanha, maminha, etc

    Duas Marias is great if you like Portuguese food, they have some great bacalhau - never been there just for drinks I always eat when I go there.

    Bars - you also have Bardabing, also known as "Fugedabadit" in Ponta Negra - nice place, with a resident band who have an impressive repertoire.

    Fruit market: Ceasa, near Machadinho, early in the morning - go with a local and let him do the talking to get ridiculously good prices.
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