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Reem Island 20% During Construction, 80% on Completion.

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by imyimy, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. imyimy

    imyimy New Member

    I purchased a few 1 bedroom units on a 20/80 payment plan with sea views, walking distance to the beach, the Reem Mall and Reem Marina.
    The original purchase price was 1307 dh per (1595 net) and i paid a premium.

    Although Finance is available via UNB-Wifaaq, i have a bad credit rating and
    therefore need to get rid of the units as i cannot obtain finance.

    I have 5% left to pay in about 6 months time but want to act now.

    Is anybody else in the same situation?
    Does anyone know any good re-sellers of Abu Dhabi units i can give these to to sell.

    If anyone can help i would appreciate it.

    please e-ma il

    redx11x at g m ail dot com
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