Red Residence



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Good morning been reading up on this forum and feel quite relived that many people in same situation as me.
have come to Dubai to resolve the many false promises made and that the contract has become a one sided issue with the developers.
went to the site and its a joke nothing at all that was shown the brochure back in 2006. my originally deal was the Arabian courtyard Windsor tower three bedroom. but due to mismanagement from middle east. We were told to transfer.
we have been receiving intimating phone calls from the company that they would seize the property as no further payment has been made. out of the blue there was no payment schedule the flat not ready
we met with a Mohammed from al meera agent.
Middle east development are now hiding and putting these agent in front of us they just want us to sign and not help.
I will be posting pic today of the flat and building it 10p ties in the kitchen and the cheapest quality products used in the building of the flat. you can find. the lift actually shakes the office is located in the same building on the 22nd floor.