Recently acquired 4.2 acres.... problem??


Candace Hopper

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I recently paid cash for property in a foreclosure auction. I have the deed now. I had it surveyed today and my property actually has most of a home on it that is currently in foreclosure also. Essentially about 3/4 of the home is on the land I bought. However, I did not buy the home. It’s really a piece of junk and I don’t want it. But I don’t want it on my land either. The bank owns the home and 2 acres connected to my land purchase. What kind of rights do i have in this situation and what options? I would like to see if the bank may sell me the 2 acres. The home would be tore down (it was a hoarders home and unclean). Is there any chance or rules regarding the fact that I bought that land and it just so happens to have most of the home on it (this was not made aware to the bank or myself before the purchase). I’m sure the bank did not survey before they allowed a refinance of the home, otherwise they would have known of this issue. Any advice would be appreciated.


Does this bring into play a situation known as "adverse possession"?

I have done some reading and if you have "occupied" land which was not yours for more than 12 years then you can claim "adverse possession". Maybe worth having a look into this?

The easiest thing might be to buy the land next door - unlikely to be of much use to anyone else - if you can get it for a good price.

Candace Hopper

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I am not sure if it would qualify for adverse possession because I just recently bought the land. I’ve had it about 2 months. I think you have to have an extended amount of time on the property to have an invested interest in the property. I have consulted with a lawyer and they will be notifying the bank today of the land surveryors findings. I am hoping they will settle for just selling me the remaining 2 acres and take the loss on the 1/4 of a house that they own lol.


I think @PostBrexitInvestor was talking about the owner of the house maybe having a chance of claiming "adverse possession". Worth taking legal advice - buying the land for a nominal price might be the best idea. Let us know how you get on.