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    When you’re buying abroad you must have an independent law firm which acts on your interests and on your behalf. Only like this you can prevent the further legal issues related with your property.
    The law firm can provide you:
    1. Independent legal information’s related with your property;
    2. Checking the title deeds on your behalf;
    3. Doing a due-diligence report for you explaining if the property fulfills all the legal requirements for being bought;
    4. Drafting the sale-buyin contract and inserting clauses that will protect you from further litigations;
    5.Giving you the leagal perspective and the legal status of the property.

    Don’t forget the agent’s lawyers don’t work for your interests, works for your agent and has an interest in your purchase, as well as the agent has.
    Preventing you from doing a bad investment, avoiding long and expensive law suites should be your main concern.
    You must act wisely and protect yourself only like this you can have the safety of a good transaction.
    Before giving your money to the agent or to the seller do your paperwork only in this why you will know exactly what you’re dealing it.

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