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Real Estate Pune

Discussion in 'India property' started by vishwas, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. vishwas

    vishwas New Member

    Which are the most prominent areas in Pune & best bet for investment purpose?
  2. jacky1000

    jacky1000 New Member

    Yes, I too have the same question. Can any one suggest me the best land and plots with high investment values? Am waiting for your kind reply.
  3. Ritu Mehta

    Ritu Mehta New Member

    First thing to keep in mind is that Pune has great options to live but as an outsider its best to stay in an areas which has a more cosmopolitan mix of non Pune people than to go to conventional residential areas.

    Pune is spread like a spider web. Mostly where you rent will depend a lot on where your workplace is.

    Most of Pune commmutes by two wheelers so distances of 10 kms are considered normal.

    However for someone new its best to keep tje distance between work and home under the 5 km radius. Like all other cities there are certain areas where commercial spaces, offices are concentrated
    North Pune:(Close to Airport and Railway station)

    Viman nagar
    Kalyani nagar
    Koregaon park/Bund Garden/DP road/Camp

    These areas have good proximity to each other, so if it's one of these areas for work them basically one of them can be chosen for home too.

    In central/south Pune commercial areas:
    JM road
    FC road
    SB road
    For areas like these, Baner is the best bet. Its got a mix of people from all over the country.

    On the other hand, if the workplace is in Hinjewadi which is an IT SEZ about 20 kms from Center of Punr, then
    "Aundh" and Pimple Saudagar" are your best bet.
  4. Ankita Patel

    Ankita Patel New Member

    Kharadi in Pune is a best prominent area and this is also a best place for your investment.
  5. Praraz Kumar

    Praraz Kumar New Member

    Pune is best place for investment in commercial & residential field. Magarpatta , Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi are places for residential as well as commercial investment.
  6. Ram Yadav

    Ram Yadav New Member

    Pune is rapidly growing city in Maharashtra. For residential investment Pune is actually best destination .Kharadi, Kalyani nagar, Wagholi, Hadapsar these are best & prominent locations.
  7. sujata

    sujata New Member

    these are very popular areas for residential as well as commercial properties.
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  8. Dishatiwar92

    Dishatiwar92 New Member

    Currently Hinjewadi Area is giving highest returns on the well as most preferred area for residence.
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