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Discussion in 'German Property' started by Sahasrara, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Sahasrara

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    Dear Sirs,

    We are seeking on behalf of some of our international clients real estate investments in Germany yielding 10 per cent gross at least.

    The main criteria for the deals we are interested in are:

    1. Locations: cities with a population above 50,000;
    2. Sectors: office, retail, logistics and residential (in descending order);
    3. Deal size: €25M to €100M preferably with existing finance;
    4. Optional sources/structures: sale & lease back, J/V's, distressed Loans,
    fire sales.

    Should you have access to deals meeting the criteria above kindly advise.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,


    E-Mail: [email protected]
  2. irishrussian

    irishrussian New Member

    dosent look like any replies. There must be no 10% returns in Germany or did you get a deal.

    I am always looking a deal. If youget any thing please post.

    Have you ever tried the usa ? I know there has to be bargains there and should be good rental rates. Trouble is everywhere you go you can find cheap property but i am looking something with good growth potential and good rental.
    I know too there maybe high taxes.
    Sorry i am off the subject i would be interested if you find any german property with 10% it is a good stable economy.
  3. Bank of Richard

    Bank of Richard New Member

    if you give me your full criteria i will source properties for you......
  4. shubh

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  5. judithscott

    judithscott New Member

    The real estate market in Germany is on the move. Not only are major real estate portfolios changing hands but a considerable number of small portfolios and individual properties are also being developed and sold.
  6. nicknow88

    nicknow88 New Member

    Invest in Hamburg


    everyone who is interested in investing in german property should have a close look
    at Hamburg. Especially in "Hafencity", this is the biggest and most exclusive project in Europe at this time. Do not buy any property in east germany or you will loose money...
    I you need any assitance, let me know.

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