Real Estate in the Moldova (It is the country nearby Romania)

Discussion in 'Romania property' started by RealEstateMoldova, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. RealEstateMoldova

    RealEstateMoldova New Member

    Greetings, my name is Sergey. I work in real estate agency, Kishinev capital of Moldova.
    Demand for the real estate from foreign citizens grows and on it I on this site.

    It is a little about our country. Our country Moldova is between two countries (Ukraine and Romania), the second country has more recently entered the European union.

    Still I wish to find new friends. I wish to discuss with professionals the reason
    of a rise in prices for the real estate, in the different countries.

    I like my job and it is interesting for me to observe changes in the real estate market.
    For an example, since 2005 on 2007 real estate has increased in the price for 50 %.
    And than above the price for the real estate that above consumer demand.

    I think it is connected with the future introduction of our country into the European Union, and a geographical arrangement of Moldova concerning the next states.
    It would be good to hear opinion of colleagues.....
  2. deedee1

    deedee1 New Member


    I agree- I started looking into ukraine, albania and moldova about 6 months !!
    Some interesting movements are starting to take place and I think the best is still to come!!

    Like you said it is so close to and surrounded by other EU member states and these countries are all in the EU development pipeline plans over the next 5-10 years!!

    Take care-D :)
  3. cosmic baby

    cosmic baby New Member

    hi sergey,

    i am currently looking for land in kishinev, moldova.

    what can you tell me about the kishinev market today?
    can you give me some numbers for :

    how much do appartments sell for?
    how much do office sell / rent for ?
    commercial sell / rent?

    i heard there is no financing in moldiva - developers sell 'on paper' with 40% deposit - is that true ?

  4. meriaKre

    meriaKre New Member

    Sergey, Hi.

    You are true in your sayings.
    I am also in the real estate in Moldova, and I have the best description of Moldova.
    Moldova - the Pearl of Eatern Europe!
    I have even registred the phrase at the AGEPI.

    I know people are amybe a little bit skeptical, but investing NOW in Moldova, si the best thing one can do.
    Moldova is for people that lost the boat with Romania.

    Hey, maybe we can meet and have some talk, ah?

    Take care!
  5. deedee1

    deedee1 New Member

    :)Hi all,

    I agree that land will be the BEST INVESTMENT IN MOLDOVA NOW!!!

    GO for main cities that will eventually be developed further!

    Take care-D

    P.S- Does moldova have any ski resort locations aswell???
    As that too could be interesting land investments??
  6. meriaKre

    meriaKre New Member

    Let me give you a little description about Moldova.

    If you do not get the visa from the embassy,
    You are issued the visa right at the airport. The visa costs about 50 euro.
    More then 50% of all transcations on the real estate marketing, especially land operations take place inhere.

    As a little introduction, please let me show you our average prices for RE properties :

    1 Room appartments (up to 40 m2) - 18.000 - 35.000 euro , depending on location and situation.
    2 Room appartments (up to 60 m2) - 33.000 - 50.000 euro , depending on location and situation.
    3 Room appartments (up to 80 m2) - 40.000 - 60.000 euro , depending on location and situation.
    4 Room appartments (up to 100 m2) - 45.000 - 80.000 euro , depending on location and situation.
    5 Room appartments (up to 130 m2) - 50.000 - 90.000 euro , depending on location and situation.

    The landlots in Capital of Moldova, vary from 8 to 500 euro per m2, depending on location.

    The most wanted type of RE is the land, as it has the biggest growth potential.

    Also, there is a very big range of villas and houses that start with 70.000 euros till 1.000.000.

    These are average prices, but anytime you can find some bargain deals.

    Foreign investors are not allowed to buy agricultural-purpose land, only industrial-building-purpose land.

    Moldova is a very strategic place for investors. Moldova real estate market has been growing at the same rate as Ukraine in the last years.
    Moldova is the next country targeted to integrate in the EU.
    And, I guess you know the romanian example, when in 6-12 months some real estate objects tripled there value.

    I hope these prices and information, helped you to make an overall inpression about Moldova RE market.
  7. expatjim

    expatjim New Member

    Not for the faint of heart

    The thing I think people need to keep in mind about Moldova is it is basically an ex-soviet kleptocracy, a la Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, etc.

    Engaging in any business activity is not for the faint of heart. The thing about Romania, and one of the reasons it's real estate sector is so vibrant is because it has rule of law. That cannot be underestimated.

    I speak Russian, have lived and worked all over the CIS, and would be hesitant to invest any significant amount of money there.

    If you do, you MUST personally see the property, involve a reputable lawyer, and do everything through the bank, making sure all tax laws are adheared to (none of this "screw the fisc" stuff the seller will try to talk you into or handing over bundles of cash). I have found that embassy reccomended lawyers tend to be the best bet.
  8. anna2

    anna2 New Member

    Sounds like good advice Jim - thanks
  9. RealEstateMoldova

    RealEstateMoldova New Member

    Hi all,

    Excuse for the late answer it I have been connected by that that in holiday.
    I became the father :)

    Now I am ready to answer all your questions.
  10. RealEstateMoldova

    RealEstateMoldova New Member

    Hi DeeDee1,

    I completely with you agree. The European Union capital already has started to be invested In development of our country. Reconstruction of roads is made, money in building is invested. And not only in the capital but also the regional centres. Ours the country gets an image of the European state. I think that it will be interestingly simple to you to arrive and look.

    Standardization of our manufacture according to EU standards is made.

    The average wages have grown, is final it will not be compared to level in EU.

    The question on simplification visa reception to Italy is considered.
    Our citizens can receive the visa for a period of three months. In cost 30 euros. Understand that it will involve huge capitals to Moldova.

    In other words there will be a same procedure of reception of visas as in Romania.

    The truth of the price for the real estate in Moldova are not so high as in EU. And it will last not long :)

    Best regards,

  11. RealEstateMoldova

    RealEstateMoldova New Member

    Hi Moti,

    Sorry for the long replay.

    At present I possess an extensive database on the real estate. What you you interests?

    Under what purposes you the land and the area interests?.
  12. RealEstateMoldova

    RealEstateMoldova New Member

    Hi MeriaKre,

    It is ready with you will meet, write the phone number in privat :)
  13. RealEstateMoldova

    RealEstateMoldova New Member

    Hi Expatjim,

    You probably speak about that time when there was a disintegration of the Soviet union in 90 years. Then the legislative device has not been adjusted is was in the remote past. Now we the small sovereign state which differs that that we aspire in EU.

  14. DC

    DC Member

    Interesting articles. Moldova. The cheap persons romania. Historically it was poorer than Romania, Romania is on the inside of EU. Moldova on the outside. Must be a brave investor. Suits some, not others. I think comments made by expatjim are interesting. The proof, would be going over and checking it out. If you have time and a long enough time horizon.
    Is Moldova a candidate country yet? Will the EU keep the bridges up for the next 10 years. Personally I dont know the politics in Moldova and the security situation.
  15. RealEstateMoldova

    RealEstateMoldova New Member

    The situation in Moldova is clear for me a long time already.
    I wished to discuss with colleagues from other countries, the reason of a rise in prices for the real estate.......
    And for an example I speak about a situation in the real estate market in Moldova.
    As you think as professionals. What can happens with the prices for the real estate in the country?

    If all foreign policy of Moldova is adjusted on the introduction into the European Union, the border for people wishing will open to work in Europe.... I about this contract between Italy and Moldova already wrote, if the country small...... And in good economic relations with neighbours Romania and Ukraine.

    And what else there are factors on yours capable to cause a cardinal rise in prices.......?

    Well and if my help is required to someone as realtor I will be glad to help.

    And concerning brave investors I will tell that, I work one and a half year with the Italian citizens. For this time we have concluded 7 transactions, from apartments to the ground areas, on real estate acquisition in Moldova.
    As speaks one of familiar Italians... In business who will wake up earlier, that will eat more.
  16. romanianoffer

    romanianoffer New Member

    Excuse my intervention but i see a lot of naivity here. Moldova Republic will not make it into the UE for a long time to come, simply because Russia will not allow it to. Don't forget that the Russian army is in there, and the country has territorial disputes and frozen wars. But the critical variable is the size of the population, it has only a little more than 3 million people. Are you really telling me that it will sustain property growth on this basis? Just look at affordability ratio and you will realise that it has gone overboard by speculator buying. It will not be able to increase too long.
  17. meriaKre

    meriaKre New Member


    I havent been here for a long time.

    Anyway, I understand people;s fear related to Moldova.
    I just want to say that noone was even thinking about Romania getting in the EU in 2003-2004. Only smart people did.
    Same stuff is in Moldova right now.

    I am ready to bet with anyone, that maximum in 2015 Moldova will be in the EU.
    And I have concrete and true information directly from the source regarding this matter.

    For any thing in this world, there are people that agree with it and that dont agree.

    You decide weather to be the money maker or the money looser ;)

    Best regards to you!

    Serghei, give me or write me your phone number.
    Lets meet.
    I am sure we can collaborate.

  18. David howe

    David howe New Member

    Dear Dorian

    Far from me to profess to be an expert on Moldovia, but your writings have both intrigued and puzzled me and i was wondering if you could elaborate a few points that would I am sure benefit all visitors to the forum.

    How can you compare the fundementals of Moldavia to places like Moscow, Kiev, Bucharest, Sofia, Prague and Bratislava, the figures in these economies is just not comparable so proportionately puts Chisanu at the end of the list.

    You say that reasons for capital growth vary and differeniate and no one can say why when. This is total KEK, these very reasons are the same reasons that it could be argued that the market will drop or stay stagnant. There must be econom indicators or the wheel will not budge and if it does without these then it is very high risk pyramid for which you must take a very early exit.

    Who would have believed prices would be 10 times higher, very few would have believed and those of us who did were said to be crazy because it was as we knew initially high risk and high risk is gambling?

    Therefore, give me a good reason why we should gamble in Moldovia?

    And on a final point you say ''One thing for sure there is no other place in EU that can offer such prices!'' I hate to burst your bubble, but moldovia is not in the EU!

    David Howe LLB. LLM
    INVESTMENT ROMANIA - Investment in Romanaia, Property management, Due diligence, Renting in Romania
  19. Karl Wilkinson

    Karl Wilkinson New Member

    Dear Doron,

    I would like to see figures which back up your statements. So far, the only figure you have mentioned is the population of 5 million people, when in fact 2007 figures show a population of 4,320,490.

    In order for people to make an informed decision about investing in Moldova they must have facts and figures to back up your statements. Otherwise it is as much as risk as heading out the door in Brasov without an umbrella.

    Anticipating your reply.

    Karl Wilkinson
  20. David howe

    David howe New Member

    Mr.Howe, I fail to see how someone who is clearly advertising investing in Romania freely publishses himself in the moldova forum….. The situation in Romania must be very fragile…

    Good day - Doron[/QUOTE]

    Dorian, I fail to understand how you cannot see how I publicly posted in a Moldova forum which is actually in a Romanian Forum and not as stated by you in a Moldovian forum. Did you not read it or have it read to you before you replied. Perhaps a trip to a local optician is necessatated :)

    As for the situation in Romania being fragile, you are as correct in this statement as you were in your initial post about Moldovian opportunities based upon nothing to substantiate them on.

    Therefore, before you go slagging off Romania perhaps you could make an attempt at defending your initial post about Moldovian opportunities, or is there a village missing an idiot somewhere.

    David Howe LLB. LLM

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