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real estate in Aruba and Bonaire

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by ckirk89, May 2, 2007.

  1. ckirk89

    ckirk89 New Member

    Hello all,

    I am thinking about investing in a property over in Aruba or possibly Bonaire. The home will act as a vacation home/property rental. I have contacted a couple of management companies and real estate agents but I still have some concerns regarding how often I can expect the property to be rented. Does anyone have any information or feedback on renting in these locations?
  2. Chavo

    Chavo New Member

    I have a friend that's a real estate broker in Curacao. He might have some knowledge and/or contacts in Bonaire and Aruba. The name of the company is Novo Casa Estates. (I can't post URLS yet)
  3. Robert Gavin

    Robert Gavin New Member


    they have changed hte rules

    you need to post 20 times before you can post URLs
  4. ckirk89

    ckirk89 New Member

    Thanks for the lead. I'll check the web for these guys.
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