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Real Estate future thoughts?

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by Stefan, May 5, 2008.

  1. Stefan

    Stefan New Member

    We have a great market for Real Estate in Portugal. All the positive things we have here in this beautiful country, not at least the climate, which can never change, unless the Global heating really get to us...
    Another positive fact we have here comparing to countries like Spain, is the restrictive law on constructing, which is cleaver since it will keep the wheels of construction role a bit slower and make our property investments more secured. There are many objections for this and that, but fact is that we are not so affected from the US market as many other countries are. Particulare Algarve has a history of independency when it comes to the property market. Yes we have a large amount of Britts that trade here and they are suffereing with the Sterling for the moment. There was not many years ago where we could see a German domination in many areas here in the Algarve, when they dissapeared (not everyone) we did not suffered for a long time and prices went up like never before. Today we see a trend of Scandinavians that invest here, among with other European nationalities. Russians are comming more, Spanish are already investing here (who can blame them?). There will always be a market with wealthy people, we talk about a small market here and millions of people that can afford to buy a home in a fantastic all year around climate who can compete with that plus the Portuguese people, other beutiful areas in Portugal, the wine and the food, put that together and tell me what do you ask for more?. Well that is my future aspects.
  2. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

    I agree, Portugal is a great place to live and is still a great place for investment in property.
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