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Sales Meetings: Professional? Your time is precious.
Want to look professional to your salespeople in your meetings as a firm owner?

Want to WOW your boss or firm owner by volunteering to deliver top-notch sales meetings?

Looking to rise to the top and impress your sales manager?

Want to seal the deal on that promotion by rising to the top?

How many hours would you spend putting together EYE POPPING, Energized weekly sales meetings?

We spend 10-15 hours per week doing it for you.

For $199.00 per year ($3.83 per week)...

What We Provide...

-One new sales meeting each week
-Access to archives for what your newer agents may have missed
-Access to other sales meetings
-Handouts and resources for your team
-Power Point Slide Shows to download
-Web links and resources in report form to download and distribute to your staff
-Sample agendas to use
-Handouts and index cards
-'Ice breaker' excercises and team building excercises
-Sales meeting tips and suggestions
-Coming soon Podcasts

And much much more...

Look Professional. Save your precious time. you can play later.

-Mike McClanahan - Public Relations Partner

Myspace: Real Estate Tech Guy

Call me day or night...

mobile: 573.705.2088


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I'm looking or a decent analysis programme/software that will encompass everything ROI projections up to 25 years, rental, cash flow etc etc, currency converter, decent graphics, charts etc sales presentation tools, has facility to include inflation, profit & loss etc.
Basically an all round bit of kit to use in conjunction with property investment, currently use Excel, but is very time consuming. Adjusting all variables etc, even if it is a web based facility is fine but need to keep the price down, best I have found is by a company called cougar com but this is expensive. Anyone know of a really good application? That is available? Cheap-ish
All help very much appreciated.
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