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I have a potential buyer for 4 off-plan studios in International City.
The project began in 2008, developer went bankrupt in 2010. A new developer has bought the project and restarted work which is at about 65% completion.
I've paid 40% of the original price, but this new buyer is willing to take all the units at an 8% price increase.
I've tried researching prices but can't tell if this is a good deal or not?
Any advice will be gratefully received.
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Dennis Cortez

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check the propertyfinder and dubizzle where you can find similar properties for sale... this is a good start as you can compare like for like and the area. hope this helps. :)


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As a rule of thumb never take the first offer although you must also compare and contrast the deal on the table against prices in the marketplace. You will need to factor in a discount against comparable finished properties because your development is not complete.