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Re-Sales Agents

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by novice_investor, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. novice_investor

    novice_investor New Member

    Anyone suggest a good Agent/Company for selling property on Reem Island.?? :confused:

    Obviously I'm looking for a company that gets me the highest price and, more importantly, a quick sale!!

    Appreciate any suggestions and your experiences selling!
  2. sonofthedesert

    sonofthedesert New Member

    There are lots out there. For AD you could try Better Homes, Sherwoods (2 biggies) or LLJ Property (AD specialists). However, I don't think you'll have much luck with selling at the moment as the re-sale mkt has really slowed down. List your property at a reasonable price that is well below what the new developments are asking. Most re-sales that are actually selling are in the 1750-2000 per sq ft range. Not the 2300-2400 range. Things may pick up at Cityscape.
  3. novice_investor

    novice_investor New Member

    Thanks for your advice.
    I think you're right about the price range and the slow market at the moment. Maybe something to do with it being Ramadan or the global financial problems.

    I'll list it with one of the major agents you mentioned and see if Cityscape helps boost the market.
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