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Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by anil, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. anil

    anil New Member

    I don't expect it will be the first change or delay we will see.

    At the moment, I am happy if they simply stay in business and complete the development.

    Anyone know if there have been any re-sales completed?
  2. asif sharif

    asif sharif New Member

    Pacific - Apartment

    I have an studio apartment in Pacific (6th Floor in Bora Bora). I am selling for below 1200 Dhiram/sqft if you are interested.
  3. asif sharif

    asif sharif New Member

    Pacific- urgent to all investors

    A letter is being drafted to send to select by investors on Skyscraper forum. We have had a good response. Please visit and put your name to this.
  4. koss

    koss New Member

    Letter to sp - investors

    Investors there are anumber of investors who are drafting a letter to SP. We currenlty have 38 members and require more to have a suitbale effect on this letter. The letter will be finalised in the next few days!!!
    Can I ask you to join the following google groups and provide your name and unit number/unit type?

    please sign up for the following google groups :


    pacific-owners @ googlegroups.com

    or you can PM me your details
  5. asif08

    asif08 New Member


    I have a studio in Bora Bora 3rd floor which i want to sell.. Any ideas how i can go about this as Select will not take care of resales for me.


  6. ian g

    ian g New Member

    hi Asif, what route did you end up taking to try and resell your apartment?
  7. asif08

    asif08 New Member


    Ive still got the property, i decided to hold onto it for a while and just see how it goes...
  8. anil

    anil New Member

    Have there been any resales completed in this development at all?
    Does anybody know?
  9. dxbobserver

    dxbobserver New Member

    would be interesting to know.
  10. gfisher

    gfisher New Member

    I have 2 studios on 3rd floor on Bora Bora I would sell. They are both on 15 year payment plan so you could take over the payments.

    I would like to continue with the payments as I do beleie prices will go up over the next year or so but i cant wait till then :-(
  11. anil

    anil New Member

    Have you had any luck selling your units?
    Are there actually any buyers out there?
  12. reasonant

    reasonant New Member

    Selling? That word dont exist any more :(
  13. jakeylad2010

    jakeylad2010 New Member

    Pacific as at Feb 2010


    I'm new to this forum. Ive just been to Dubai and went up to check progress on Al Marjan Island in particular Pacific. Pleased to see construction very busy but obviously the rest of the island is just sand barring a coupe of other small developments.

    I have some great pics and vids if anyone would like to see them let me know.

    I spoke with the contractor onsite and he was very confident of finishing next year.

    I aired some questions to SP on my return. They were quick to return responses to my queries which was good to see. I could see minimal activity on infrastructure starting but I'm told it has started.

    To me the project looks on course to complete next year fingers crossed.

    Anyone else been recently? Any comments?
  14. mirpuri

    mirpuri New Member

    how this is posible many people say they will not allow any one to the site
    on health& safty ground
    how did you get there ??
  15. anil

    anil New Member

    If you ask Select, they will use the health&safety excuse because they dont want to take you there.
    But I can confirm that you can get onto the site, no problem, I have done it myself.
    They do need evidence that you are an investor.
  16. shiner

    shiner New Member

    I was there end of Feb 2010...Got in with some big talk and persuading...

    The contractual completion date is 30th June 2011.

    Having spoken to the contractor - this completion date is unlikely !!!

    Mid to 3rd quarter 2012 is a more realistic date.

    There are problems not just with the Island (master developer and other projects) but with this project. They are encountering problems with water seeping through. Machines are running to remove this water.

    One block A has been built. The rest should not be a problem assuming they can resolve the problem with the water. Will take time though !

    My concern is why doesnt Select be honest and mention this in their update (due this month). Why does the investor pay 90% of funds by Sept 2010 and have to wait to be told like some mug that this contract date will not be met. Hence why they are no longer allowing site visits and mentioning H&S reasons. :thumpdown:

    The Island itself is not progressing...the 2 other developments that are visible ... Marbella Bay and the other with the 6 pyramid structures (name forgotten) are along way of from being complete (structure). Khoie Development you may as well forget ! (does not deserve to be mentioned in this talk)...other projects not known - not visible ! :evil:

    Select we wait on your March update !!!! Dont fool us !!! :thumpdown:

    Rakeen (master developer) dont know what they are doing as you expect a big push on getting the infrastructure in place and resolving issues with all projects.

    I am back in Dubai in April ......might visit RAK :willy:

    Please let me know what you think with this update
  17. anil

    anil New Member


    You got more out of the contractor than me.
    I was told it is all on schedule.

    I guess it is normal practice to announce the delay at the end, just in case they catch up and make it in time (or am I just hopeful?)

    After everything that has happened, I was happy just to see it being built!

    Do you know about the Google group called "Pacific Owners" where we can discuss things on more privacy?
    It would be useful for you to join it.

  18. mirpuri

    mirpuri New Member

    Hi Shinner
    thank you for the update GREAT
  19. shiner

    shiner New Member

    No Resale Market

    There is no resale market !!

    Is there ?????

    I think you would be mad to buy unless you get a 30% reduction on price....i.e someone who is desperate to sell.
  20. shiner

    shiner New Member

    Cant find the Pacific Owners group on google groups !

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