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Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by Esoteric, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Esoteric

    Esoteric New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a newbie on this forum and I just purchased a 1-bedroom duplex on Al Marjan in the Stallion Properties Development, Santorini (I wanted a Water Villa, but they are currently sold out)

    This is my first purchase and I was seduced into buying by the walkthrough and the brochure on the website.

    Also, I had some other American friends buy into the La Hoya development which is located right across the bay from Santorini. (the prices in La Hoya were too expensive for me when I eventually decided to purchase).

    Has anyone here purchased in Santorini?

    I am hoping it will have the same returns as La Hoya as it's right across the Bay, but I'm torn between reselling and keeping it for myself!

    Any information is appreciated.

    Thanks! :)
  2. details pleae

    Hi can you send me links about this project especially the website that so seduced you to make you buy. I want a villa too but was very surprised to learn they are sold out, I have just read an article posted 2 hrs ago announcing this project and yet you say they are sold out, amazing!!!!.
  3. Esoteric

    Esoteric New Member


    When I bought my property, I was going to go through the exclusive broker, Aspire, but I went to the developer's website and contacted the property consultant at Stallion Properties. I ended up buying directly from them (no fees, best deals).

    (tried to post more info, but I have to have more than 5 posts)

    The Developer only has one senior property consultant, Dana and she handled my requests and my eventual purchase.

    I was thinking about purchasing more units in Santorini, but they launched Phase II of the project on yesterday, so I imagine that the prices are quite high now.

    Let me know how you get on and what you purchase.

    The website address is

    world wide web. stallionpropertiesfzc. com

    and Dana's adddress is

    dana.celeste (at) stallionpropertiesfzc. com
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  4. thanks

    Its always disappointed the service comitment to investors by the big fish. In case of Rakeen, I registered with them a long time ago and they have not informed me of these new developments. I guess my fault too by not reading news but from my experience when it becomes news its usually too late. Its very odd way of doing business but for now they seem to be doing well. I have already invested in LHB and Pacific and really intrested in a villa but have to sell one my investment if the offer was good. It seems very expensive £300+psf for a villa!!!!!!.


    AAPROP New Member

    Hi want2investinuae,

    Would you please share how much you paid per sq.ft and what did you purchase. I am about to purchase a unit with and would appreciate your feedback on it. Can you also tell me when did you purchase and what is payment plan.

    I talked to aspire and i was told that the price is between 1150 - 1300 aed/sq. ft for apartments. please comment if these are prices are worth it or have they gone up quiet a bit??

    Thank you.
  6. apartments with seaview 60SQM, it was one off deal from a bulk buyer with 50% deposit and 30% discount about 900AEDpsf, now your rate is about reasnable as prices have gone up twice since april 08 by 20% and hopefully likely to go up further see prices of albader they are about 1350AEDpsf now pre-launch. I hope threy go up bu 50-100% by the next 1-2yrs. and more as prices in Dubai reaches peak and stabilises..

  7. Falasi

    Falasi New Member

    I just bought a duplex too from the same development. Please do let me know when is a good time to sell and I will notify the same to you too :)
  8. Falasi

    Falasi New Member

    Does anyone know of the real estate market conditions in RAK right now? prices higher or lower?
  9. Falasi

    Falasi New Member

    Calling all Santorini investors to a meeting with the CEO

    There will be a meeting with Stallion Properties CEO and the Santorini investors to decide the future of the project. If you are interested receiving back your investment please join us in the meeting, and if you know of other Santorini investors, please ask them to join to.

    We are meeting on Sunday 22nd March at 9.00AM in the conference room at the Capitol Club in DIFC. The phone number is 04 3640111.

    This will be the biggest investor meeting and most crucial.

    050 2536000
  10. haider_dubai

    haider_dubai New Member

    I have a studio in Bab al Badr, Al Marjan Island , RAK, will it be of any benifit for me to come

  11. Cash 786

    Cash 786 New Member

    Is Project Cancelled?

    Hi All,

    Where are you?

    What have you done and what's happened to this project?

    Any investors out there? . . . . . or Stallion folk?

    Please mail me lucky786atblueyonderdotcodotuk
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