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Question: Where does the BG people go after sold their house?

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by iwico, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. iwico

    iwico New Member


    We saw lots of Bulgaria properties (specically contryside houses) for sale online. My question is: Why only BG has lot of contryside house with land for sale, no any other countries do the same, such as, Poland..... (New EU countries)?

    Where the people go after their house is sold? Dead? Moving to another house (if they have one)? move to abroad?

  2. runchev

    runchev New Member


    Most of the houses are sold because:
    - the people who lived there are dead
    -people want to have some extra money to invest or buy new property
    - people immigrate( more than 2 million people live abroad)
    - many Bulgarians have more than 2-3 properties
    -many people move to the big cities
    - to live in some properties you need to renovate and a lot of the people do not have money or can not be bordered to do it
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