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    While purchasing a property, what are the crucial factors apart from the following that should be considered:
    Any dues
    Comparative rates of similar property
    Some recent deals of area
    Available loan facilities
    Future scope
    Expected escalation of prices.
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    If in the Caribbean and you are a non-native, you would probably need an Alien Landholding License.
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    (i) studying the documents of title to ensure that the owner has proper ownership to the property. The documents of title should be studied very carefully as any shortfall may lead to a defective title.

    (ii) taking inspection of the original title deeds.

    (iii) taking search of the land records and the records of the Sub-Registrar.

    (iv) taking search of the records of the society where the property is in a society.

    (v) issuing public notice in newspapers calling for claims in respect of the property.:joyman:

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