Purchasing a house at a property auction and council tax payments


Janine Smith

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I am currently looking to purchase a small property in Wales to be held at a property auction in February 2018, I have read through all of the legal documentation and would be a cash buyer. I have read that there is an admin fee/buyers fee on top of the cost of the property deposit of 10% and then the remaining balance of the property price is to be paid soon after. I wonder please if anyone could advise if I were to go ahead and purchase at the auction, if the property remains unfurnished and vacant for the next 6 months, do I need to pay any property taxes/council tax or other payments as I would not be living in the property until my employment contract overseas ends and I return to the UK again. Thank you in advance for any pointers! :)

Janine Smith

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Excellent! thank you for the link diyhelp, that is interesting reading and something to consider also if the property is vacant for longer than expected there may also be the possibility that the council may impose extra charges/an increased council tax rate for the empty property! eg, ending up paying more tax as it sits empty as opposed to being lived in! o_O

thanks again!:)


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I think this shows one thing, regulations are different between different areas of the UK. Do you research and take nothing for granted - even if you have to pay for professional advice it could well be worth its weight in gold :)


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Hi Janine Smith,

I was wondering how you got on with your venture?