Purchasing a holiday rental in the French Alps


Joanna Bates

New Member
Good afternoon,

We are interested in purchasing property in the French Alps. As Australians that live as expats in the Middle East, it is easier for us to obtain a mortgage in France, with lower deposit and lower interest rates, than it is to buy in our home country.

I have fairly extensively been researching the market and we have narrowed our search to locations that offer a summer season in addition to winter. Namely Chamonix, St Gervaise and Morzine.

I'd be very interested to connect with others who have invested in this area to gain a more thorough understanding of possible hidden costs and potential rental return. Namely, we'd like to understand what type of properties are most in demand (Studio close to lifts, or 2 bed with a short walk into town?) and get some insights into occupancy rates.

With a budget of €250k we would like to invest in an apartment in an area that would get enough rental income to cover the mortgage repayments, maintenance and taxes each year. We would also like to visit one week a year (non peak). We are in it for the long game and understand from our research that we would be unlikely to be making a ton of money after expenses are covered. We would also need an agency on the ground to manage the turnovers for us.

My strengths are in decor and guest experience and we'd be happy to pick up an apartment in a great area that we could make some cosmetic changes to enhance and improve.

Would be very appreciative to hear from anyone who has a moment to share their experiences. Would also love to hear any alternative dual season resorts we should consider.

Thanks in advance.