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    Shojin Property Partners is an experienced, UK based, crowdfunding property investment and development company. We specialise in providing 90% equity funding to developers and offer investors the opportunity to invest in property developments alongside seasoned property professionals with as little at £5000. The Shojin Property Partners Group has been operating since 2009 and has successfully raised funding for projects ranging from £400,000 - £20 million. To find out more, visit


    Fund 98% of project costs: Through our extensive network of property investors and lending institutions, we offer developers bespoke funding solutions to scale up and build larger schemes. No middleman is needed to get funding from us.

    Funding solutions: Our team of experienced property professionals specialise in creating funding solutions that best suit developers’ needs. We are not brokers; we earn our returns by investing in your projects.

    We know what developers need: We are also developers; we understand project demands and challenges involved in obtaining development funding. We will work with you and do everything we can to make your projects work and maximise returns.



    0% Management fees: As a company, we don’t believe in charging management fees but rather share profits once a project has successfully completed. All we ask is a small set-up fee. 100% of each amount you invest is invested into the project.

    Investment returns: We make it possible for the everyday investor to invest in property development projects and earn returns comparable of that of a property developer. In the past, such investments could only be accessed by High Net Worth investors, but with Shojin Property Partners opportunities are now available to smaller investors.

    Our Co-investment model: We are confident in all our developments so we co invest our own funds alongside our investors in every project. This means that our interests are always aligned, and we only profit when the project is successful.



    Royal Crescent Apartments, currently under construction, will provide the best of city living close to the waterfront, Southampton’s Marina and popular Oxford Street. What was once an abandoned half-built site, described as a monument to the impact of the economic crash following the demise of the previous developer, is now to become the location to live as one of the city’s premier locations.

    By acquiring and developing the site, Shojin is proud to be contributing to the regeneration seen in the local area and indeed the City of Southampton. Working closely with the Council, we have improved the original design and increased the number of units from 88 to 101.

    The development, set to complete in Q3 2017, will deliver a contemporary collection of one and two bedrooms set over seven floors. The apartments are specified for modern urban living, benefitting from balconies and secure underground parking. The scheme will also feature landscaped amenity areas, with meticulous attention to detail to maximise space.​
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