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Prospecting Real Estate Opportunities in Rio and Bahia

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by USARealEstateAtty, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. USARealEstateAtty

    USARealEstateAtty New Member

    I am a real estate attorney who represents investors that live in New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Many of my clients accumulated properties when urban markets in the Mid-Atlantic cities of the United States were hot. However, now that many urban markets in the US have turned cold, my investors are considering investing abroad.

    In response to their requests for new places to buy properties, I researched several countries in South America that have stable, progressive governments, modern infrastructure and impressive urban development. In my research, I discovered quite a bit of information about the emerging real estate market in Brazil. I shared this information with my clients and almost all were interested in receiving a ground level assessment of the opportunities.

    As such, I will be traveling to Brazil for the entire month of February 2009 to prospect real estate opportunities in Rio and Bahia (as well as enjoy Carnival). Specifically, I will be seeking mixed-use buildings (commercial and residential), multi-unit residential buildings, and prime located luxury apartments.

    Does anyone know of any properties or projects that are worth seeing which fit this description?

    Also, keep me in mind if any of your clients need a transactional attorney in the US. I am also available to travel to foreign markets anywhere in the world to assess or investigate a real estate deals.

    I look forward to any responses.

  2. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Hi SCT,

    If you are interested in Rio Grande do Norte let me know as we have a lot of high end properties that appeal to US investors.

  3. debzor

    debzor New Member

    Hi SCT


    I am very interested to discover why you restrict your search to Rio and Bahia. I am sure many Brazilian property investment specialists would advise other areas as well.
  4. USARealEstateAtty

    USARealEstateAtty New Member

    I am not really restricted to Rio and Salvador, Bahia. I simply have friends who frequent these areas and speak highly of the real estate in these cities. I also think that Rio and Salvador are comfort zones for newbie Brazil travelers/investors. Nevertheless, I joined this forum to interact with individuals, such as yourself, who have good tips, suggestions and guidance. I have flexibility in my upcoming trip to visit any area of Brazil. Where do you recommend that I look?

  5. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Both north and south of Natal are worthwhile seeing.
  6. USARealEstateAtty

    USARealEstateAtty New Member

    Thanks, Robh

    I will definitely look into those areas. I appreciate the tip.

  7. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    But did you not mention in a previous thread that Tabatinga and Buzios which are both south of Natal are not what you sell for various reasons.I happen to think both are beautiful places for the investor who does not want to be with the noisy crowds,but want peace and quiet without walking amongst the traffic further south as in Pipa.
  8. debzor

    debzor New Member

    ...and on the way up to Natal you might like to stop off at Recife airport, (fastest growing in the NE - over 15% yr on yr), and check out some of the opportunities within an hours drive or so...
  9. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    Your welcome, please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to look at any property or need any other information whilst you are visiting.

  10. Andy100

    Andy100 New Member

    HI REA

    I live and work in Brasil (not property) and will be in Ponte Negra Natal during February on holiday and would be happy to show you around if you make it to Natal and at least drink a Caprihina or two with you.

  11. MovingSoon

    MovingSoon New Member

    This is my first post, but interested in the Rio aspect of it.

    My wife (Brazilian) and I currently live in the US but moving to Rio in less than six months. We have been buying units and property in and around Rio for five to six years and have quite a few rentals now, besides doing some flipping. When we move, it will certainly be more time intensive.

    We might be able to help you now with the Rio area, but certainly can in the future. We should chat...
  12. Paul Murphy

    Paul Murphy New Member


    I am in the Property industry and have a couple of client with property in the Bahia area from sites to Hotels etc .

    If you are interested we might be able to do something together.

  13. Brazilian Homes

    Brazilian Homes New Member

    Hi USARealEstateAtty,

    There are so many good areas. Rio is great, especially Buzios up north. Salvador is great as you say, but if you consider the state of Bahía, most people tend to go a bit away from the state capital itself. Our favorite in Bahia is Arraial D'ajuda, Trancoso and the trendy and upmarket Itacaré.

    If you fancy more of a chilled city atmosphere but in a city where it about to "kick off", i.e. better investment potential than other city opportunities in Brazil, take a look at Maceió.

    Natal of course is good as well.

    I just bought myself an apartment in the first ever development in Northeastern Brazil where there are residential and office properties in the same development......? First line beach and in city center.......

    Wherever you buy, make sure the area is in high demand from Brazilians. Otherwise your clients could be stuck and purely dependent on "gringo demand". Foreign tourism is just over 10% of all tourism in then you have the local market in Brazil of 186 million......,meaning that the property needs to appeal to Brazilians in order to be a good investment.

  14. timatthebeach

    timatthebeach New Member

    am not selling property but if you like bahia i love itacare and its great up the coast from there on the marau peninsula and up to boipeda island. the road is coming along and i think they are due to start the bridge soon cutting time from itacare to salvador down to around 3 hrs. not been further north than salvador so cant compare since i seem to spend most of my time way down south.
  15. PeixeGato

    PeixeGato New Member

    What about Fortaleza?
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