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  1. zainproperty

    zainproperty Banned

    Hi,, any body can tell me that where is the best place for investment in uk ..?:smokin:
  2. bill mccallum

    bill mccallum New Member

    Much depends on what level of risk you are looking for, the areas you want to invest in and the level of funds to invest.

    I have £25K equity in a property and want to get into new development in the SW, but obviously need more than £2K, so I'm looking for partners to get involved with returns likely to be around 25% over 15-24 months.
  3. Eagleskey

    Eagleskey New Member

    I need your property

    Hi Bill, I am looking for investors that would like to give us their property for a long term rental period 3-5 years in London. If you are interesting contact me. Thanks.

  4. bill mccallum

    bill mccallum New Member

    I'm afraid my property is in the North East, so not of use for you.

  5. bill mccallum

    bill mccallum New Member

    Not really an answer to my questions...

    what level of risk you are looking for?
    what areas of the UK do you want to invest in?
    what level of funds do you have to invest?

    In the UK a three bedroom property can cost as little as £35,000 (for example in many larger cities, South Wales and the North east), but as high as £500,000 in other parts of the country (for example London, the South East and South West and other areas).

    So its difficult to offer specific advice without knowing a little about what you want to achieve and how much you want to invest.

    There are a number of routes into the property market, outright purchase, buy-to-let mortgage, interest only mortgage, new development, each have benefits and pitfalls.
  6. Eagleskey

    Eagleskey New Member

    Thanks for your reply Bill. I will contact you again when we will expand in your area.

  7. bill mccallum

    bill mccallum New Member

    OK, in simple language... How much money do you have to invest?

    If you dont know the answer nobody can advise.
  8. punitalemon

    punitalemon New Member

    Hi Zainproperty,
    You can start invesment in folloing city.
  9. rickytaylor

    rickytaylor New Member

    Hi Bill, I would suggest Dublin in Ireland and London are best places to invest in property.
  10. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    Since when were West Norwood & Crystal Palace cities ?.
  11. Katodapa

    Katodapa New Member

    I agree, I think Dublin is a fantastic place to invest
  12. EthenGroom

    EthenGroom New Member


    I would suggest that you invest in Dublin.

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