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I recently received an email from a company called 'Property Solutions Overseas'. They claim they can help investors who have run into trouble with their properties. I gather quite a few people have received this email & I was wondering had anyone had any dealings with them. They charge a flat fee of £500.
I spoke to them this morning & they were pretty vague about how they could go about helping me get my money back other than saying that they would be one large voice speaking for many small voices.
Has anyone dealt with them? I gather they are a pretty new company.

Katie Ro

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Hi Niallr, I have seen your post through google whilst searching for their company also. I am also having problems but my purchase is in Portugal. I have spoken with another buyer in Portugal who is a member with them and I am thinking of doing the same? Do you know anyone else that has joined it would be nice to know their are others? your right they are a new company but someone from my development has been to their office so they do exist.


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hi guys

im having some problems and have recieved a mail,sound nice enough

would like some more info,theres havnt done much in bulgaria,ther need about 10 people to sign up so it can fund a trip to investigate
i dont know who to trust,
how do you start a thread on this forum



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They do seem to be a new company. They told me they have 10 people signed up in my development (Greenfields, Bucharest) but so far I havent heard from anyone on any forums who have signed up with them.


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Do not under any circumstances go near them guys ...

it will only be 500euros down the drain


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Hi all
property oversea solution is formerly know as mri property as many people know mri gone bankcrupt so these crooks set up as oversea property solution.
Please do not pay any fee if they are a genuine company why charge fee up front with out any result

mri are number 1 lier's stay a way


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Be afraid, be very afraid!

Hi Everyone,

I had an email from this company concerning my properties over seas and was very dubious as I recieve many emails about my property overseas. So, I have been trying to check them out as I have done on all the other "helpful" emails that I have recieved and was very glad to realise that they are NOT MRI/DCC like most of the other emails I get.

But, I have found out that they are infact ex employess of MRI/DCC and was then warned off them as there is a link still somewhere. Personally I would not touch them with a barge pole as I any 1000's of others have been stung by MRI and EX MRI.

Sorry for the dampner but there are other reputable companies out there. Will let you know when I found one.

Good Day