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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by ronald, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. ronald

    ronald New Member

    It seems that everyone is buying in Dubai. Is this a good thing?
    I have recently agreed to purchasing a 1 bed roomed apt in Vancouver Tower International City after months of deliberation. I have spoken to agents in Dubai and UK and they all tell a different story. Some say rental income will be reasonable due to the proximity of Daubailand others say its too far away from the City and people will not pay a decent rent to live there. I am seriously considering lwaving this project after a few months and selling on as I have become so dispondent with it all. I just wish someone would give me sound advice!
  2. damien

    damien New Member

    Well International city is new so there's no track record of rental yields there. However all the feedback I'm hearing is that there continues to be a shortage of supply of rental properties in Dubai (remember, this is a country whose population is growing at maybe 15% per year!) and indeed people are saying that rents are up 20-30% year-on-year.
    Assuming that Dubailand delivers on the Dubai promise of being bigger, better and blingier (does that adjective exist?) than any other theme park, I think that International City apartments will earn good money, especially as short-term holiday lets.
  3. leonardo99b7

    leonardo99b7 New Member

    A couple of my friends have already rented out apartments in the china section of international city, about 3-4 companies were competing with each other to offer best rentals, my friends have signed a 1 year rental with a return of 15% of purchase price already
    ! I have also bought in France section , everything is looking good as dubailand will create over 60,000 full time jobs, international city is ideal to rent to lon-term dubailand employees
  4. ruben

    ruben New Member


    I am going around in circles and need help now. I have seen a 1 bed roomed apt in China cluster for £47000 and a studio in the central business district. Very unsure which one to go for. Both complete within a month of each other. HELP
  5. pedro_9k6k

    pedro_9k6k New Member

    If you have seen a one-bedroom apartment for £47,000 what are you waiting for? That is an absolute bargain, china section is the cheapest along with Persia, but like I said when my friends went over to rent out their apartments they were offered around £55,000 from a couple of local people! Which they turned down. Buy in the cluster or the district both are good investments
  6. riches83

    riches83 New Member

    2000 sq.ft Office Space Required, etc

    1. I would like retail space at Business Bay which is about 2000sq.ft. Anything below 1300 per sq.ft would be preferred. I would like this directly from the owner & not an agent.

    2. I am looking to buy 4 floors for commercial purposes all in the same building at either B.B(Business Bay) or JLT(Jumeriah Lake Towers). Shouldnt be more then 1250 per sq.ft.

    3. If there is anybody trying to sell their property & make a great profit or a developer who wants to sell plots or if any of you are looking for the best apartment then please do not hesitate in contacting me as our rates as of date are the best in the market

    My e-mail address is [email protected], looking forward to here from you.

    Thankyou & Best Regards
    Ritchie Thomas
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  8. faisal_Ali

    faisal_Ali New Member

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