Property sales up as US house prices fall

Discussion in 'North America Real Estate' started by Nicholas Wallwork, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Nicholas Wallwork

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    Residential property sales in the United States are experiencing the equivalent of an Indian summer with transactions increasing as prices fall. Both nationwide indices and state wide figures from real estate agents indicate that many parts of the country are seeing an increase in sales. August home sales were 18% higher than a year ago, [...]

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  2. RKnight

    RKnight New Member

    Could mean things will start to loosen up in the UK too.
  3. Albufeira_Paul

    Albufeira_Paul New Member

    Having grown up the U.S. and lived there until recently, I can say that prices there began to fall slowly in 2006 and picked up pace since then. The fact that interest rates are at record lows helps, but there are problems in many areas that are experiencing chronic unemployment.

    I actually have read that places like North Dakota where unemployment is under 4% even has a property shortage.
  4. Dave_Velasco

    Dave_Velasco New Member

    Probably this is more like a normal situation actually. As houses fall, properties tend to rice in sales because many individuals can now achieve buying their own properties on a lower price than before.
  5. Dave_Velasco

    Dave_Velasco New Member

    Well, for those home seekers and buyers, with housing prices low could mean a chance for them to start their property investment of purchasing their own houses right?
  6. LVVR

    LVVR New Member

    That's a good sign. I hope the trend keeps picking up speed.
  7. MarcusFlorence

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    This post has provided me sufficient information regarding changes in the market. Thanks for information.

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