Property repairs - other leaseholders not contributing.



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I am a new member and have a shared freehold. I have a problem with the other freeholders.

We are probably the only landowners who live in the property and that are affected by poor maintenance.

The walls are cracking and the roof leeks whenever there is heavy rain. We have contacted the property management company, and they have been mildly helpful.

The problem is that they can't get the other freeholders to commit to the necessary, bordering urgent, repairs.

We have been advised by the property management company - and by reading forums this has been confirmed - that doing the work ourselves and then forcing the others to pay is not a wise option.

However there has been no answer from the management company and they say that this is because the others don't get back to them.

Could anyone shine a light here? Which is the best action to take in this case?

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Is there no legal recourse when the repairs are urgent, dangerous and potentially life threatening? I totally agree with your comment about holding back from paying for the work yourself, with the idea of getting money from other parties later. They would have you over a barrel.


This link gives some helpful guidance:-