Property Purchase in Turkey, Possibly Yalova?



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My husbands parents (70 years old) would like to purchase a flat or small villa in Turkey, and have asked if I could help them but I'm not sure about areas in Turkey. I have contacted a few agents who instantly told me I can get 10% discount before even entering into a discussion, so this makes me a little sceptical.

My in laws were told about Yalova as it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is purely for them to visit every month, not to rent out, to be somewhere peaceful and calm and close to the Thermal springs. I am seeing many new builds and off plan developments which I probably wouldn't recommend but in saying this, I am new to the Turkey house market.

I have been reading up on the requirements for purchasing in property and would appreciate if anyone could give me any advice on Yalova as an area, or if there are any other areas I could look at and research which would suit them.

Thank you for your help in advance.


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Hello ;

I live in Turkey,the is most profitable times to purchase a property in Turkey .The most popular cities are İstanbul and Bursa .Yalova is settlement between Bursa and Turkey.Almost 5 years ago yalova was in border of Bursa ,it was a provience .Please feel to ask me an question s what you are looking for .

According the fall of Turkish lira also make you good advantageous of your buying properties in advance.Value of bursa Properties are getting more valuable then yalova.Because bursa is the most powerfull city in Industry.Bursa has mountain ,thermal springs close to the sea (MUDANYA provience) ,transporting is easly to IStanbul by ferry (1,5 an hour ) or by new highway (2 hours) and more on.


Hi @FatihY

I would be interested in your views on the political situation in Turkey which always seems very volatile from the outside looking in.


In reality Turkey has always had a relatively volatile political arena so nothing has really changed. Often described as the country where East meets West, surely there must be some good opportunities to cherry pick decent assets?