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Property Purchase and Permanent Residency

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Stephen, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Stephen

    Stephen New Member

    Hi newbie here and very pleased to have found this forum

    I’m interested to learn if anyone, none Brazilian has bought in Brazil and used the us$50k minimum investment opportunity to gain permanent residency status

    The areas of Leblon and Ipanema are of particular interested if any none Brazilian has bought there I’d be interested in learning how you were treated how you found your solicitor, doing the deal with the vendor, money transferring etc.

    Many thanks
  2. michaelbush

    michaelbush New Member

    I have got my permanent visa by investing as you state. Until you have permanancy you cannot open a bank account. I you form a company, you must have a resident administrator, and you have no control on the bank account.(be aware of this). If you looking to live here then I suggest you visit a number of other areas, less dangerous in terms of crime. If you are UK based I have a London based international Brasilian solicitor who is resonable in price and will carry out due diligence checks, get CPF etc.
  3. mitico67

    mitico67 New Member

    Hi Michaelbush, could you please PM your London based solicitor as I'm intersted to apply for the permanent visa and forming a brazilian company with my brazilian friend:)
  4. michaelbush

    michaelbush New Member

    Nabas Legal Consultancy - check out numbers on the internet. Vitoria Nabas is the owner. You can mention my name so they know where the intro came from. They will advise re Visa status, it can be quite lengthy, but I am sure they can help set up a brasilan registered company. It depends what you want the company for whether i is worth it- the costs are substantially higher than the UK and you will need an accountant who will charge at least a min salary per month, possibly twice that! You will need to have great trust in whoever is administrator as well!
  5. Stephen

    Stephen New Member

    ThanksMike for your response yes Id appreciate any info on this topic, Ive been visiting Rio Leblon now for over 7 years struggling with the language still at least learning it and would like to combine property ownership with the ability to stay. Interested in what you say about not having controll of the bank account ? any help info appreciated. Thanks Stephen
  6. michaelbush

    michaelbush New Member

    You can e-mail me if you like or send a PM, it is important that you get control, so a bank account is first. You cannot live forever on a cash point debit card situation. When they don't work it is a nightmare. So your Visa is of prime importance. Of course if your Brasilian friend is to be trusted, they could open a bank account in their name and let you have the debit card and passwords etc. Still only you can decide if there is enough trust between you. When deciding where you want to invest you have to look at climate- the south is totally different to the north east. Natal has warm tropical climate all year, whereas there is a winter in the south, which is why many from São Paulo and Rio areas migrate for holidays to the north in the winter, and many have holiday homes themselves here.
  7. RalphJ

    RalphJ New Member

    Michael is correct in what he's said in this thread concerning opening a brazilian business and one obtaining an investors visa.

    I also know Vitoria Nabas in England....she's a very competent lawyer for those interested in investing in Brazil.
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