Property prices starting to fall in Oz cities, latest index shows

Discussion in 'Australia Property' started by Nicholas Wallwork, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Nicholas Wallwork

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    [​IMG]Residential property prices in Australia are starting to fall with some cities seeing values fall while others*experienced only marginal gains, the latest figures to be published show.

    While nationally property prices have risen year on year by 11.9% to the end of April and are up 4.6% so far*in 2010, during April some cities began to see a reversal.

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  2. Annie_Smith

    Annie_Smith New Member

    It's Good news for property buyers but bad for sellers.
  3. mortgagee

    mortgagee New Member

    i am an sales agent and it is not good for agents as well but i believe we will get through and recover. i am into Melbourne real estate and i see the trend is going to change soon.
  4. Dave_Velasco

    Dave_Velasco New Member

    This is a good opportunity then for buyers to take advantage of this as much as possible before this period runs out.
  5. Investment Guru

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  6. expo09

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    Just read that article and makes a lot of sense. I've never really understood why home owners have always thought it so bad if prices go down. If they're not planning on moving it doesn't make any difference and they are upgrading it should be better for them.
  7. Investment Guru

    Investment Guru New Member

    Yes expo, exactly my's really the way things are going up and down. It's our job to find the right ones at the proper price range.

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