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  1. Sally10

    Sally10 New Member

    Hello my name is Sally

    I am member of The Ultimate Entrepreneur Club. A 15 year old private members club.

    I am looking for highly motivated individuals to work along side me other like minded entreprenuers.

    Our latest members have been property investors and financial advisors.

    This incredible financial plan will work along side any other business you may have.

    Would you like to double or triple you income immediately?

    How?…… getting involved with the right people and being shown an incredible plan to start with just a few hundred pounds and turn that into half a million within the first one to two years.

    Sound too good to be true? Certainly with 99% of businesses out there it would be unrealistic to think that you would ever create such wealth in such a short time period, if ever. But with the TUE club, members start to accumulate money quickly and as they do so, they learn the REAL SECRETS OF THE WEALTHY.

    So what’s this all about?

    Well firstly, our product is a financial education program the likes of which you have NEVER seen before.
    Members are given the tools and the knowledge to:

    • Create large incomes in the shortest possible time
    • DEBT ELIMINATION (Your be shocked at what your learn)
    • Totally protect themselves and their assets against creditors and judgements
    • Gain an A1 credit rating
    • Lessen or get out of the taxation system the legal way
    • Find out about investment opportunities that normally only the elite are privy too

    and so much more....

    What’s the catch? The catch is that you will have to do some work. But I have found the rewards are massive. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are right now, as long as you are willing to follow the more experienced club members and allow them to assist you in the early days, then you WILL succeed because failure is not an option in the club!

    There are 10’s of 1000’s of club members all over the world, living the kind of lifestyles most people only ever dream of. Debt-free, cash-rich and doing whatever they want to do, because they also have TIME – FREEDOM

    This is a club for entrepreneurs…those are the people who are open-minded and ambitious and truly believe that real wealth is within their reach. Those are the people who recognise an opportunity when they see it and are able to make decisions based on their own opinions.

    So if you’re ready to find out more, please visit The Ultimate Entrepreneur Club and register your interest by filling in your details and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Kind Regards

    Sally Griffin

    Email [email protected]
    Main Site
    UK 44 (0) 208 529 2090

    15 Year Record of Creating Millionaires
    We show You the REAL Secrets of the Wealthy
    Including Debt Cancellation, Offshore, Investments and
    an Income plan which makes our members a lot every week!

    "The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know
    nothing about and refuse to investigate"
    - Dr. Wayne Dyer
  2. oregon woodsmoke

    oregon woodsmoke New Member

    At first glance that certainly has the apearance of an MLM (multi-level marketing) situation.

    I advise extreme caution about what you are actually buyng and where you ar going to make your money from it.

    Nobody is going to take care of your money as well as you can.
  3. Sally10

    Sally10 New Member

    I am sorry you feel this is appearence of mlm. If you was to listen to Dr. Professor Lin and the marketing strategy fully you would realise that this is so not what you may be implying.

    I urge you to listen and read the website fully before you make such suggestions and do your research fully.

    Kindest regards

    Sally Griffin

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