Property investors looking toward Bangalore

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While India has for many years been the darling of the worldwide economy, pushing further and further ahead, demanding more and more natural resources and attracting enormous overseas interest, the last couple of years have not been easy. Growth in gross domestic product has fallen from around 10% in 2007 to just 4.4% in the [...]

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Its really useful for everyone. thank you for sharing with us.


Yes its true, investors are very much attracted towards Bangalore. Bangalore has moderate weather conditions and more IT companies are located in Bangalore. These are the main reasons for investors to get attracted towards Bangalore.


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Real Estate market across India has seen many ups and downs and at the moment , it is consolidating. Many metros have witnessed sharp price hike or drop and were few remained stable. One of it is Bangalore where the prices have remained more or less stable in the last few years. Many reasons can be attributed to this stability; it’s climate, employment opportunities, government policies, education facilities, top-health care centres, infrastructure, and a cosmopolitan environment can be worth considering.As Hence, property investors have always considered Bangalore as a best option. It has remained as a hot destination not only for IT sector generation considering their increased disposable income.


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Bangalore has changed itself in the last 5 years and has come to the top of the list of cities in India for property investment. There are a lot of reasons the one being, the IT hub of the country, lot of people are moving for job opportunities.


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The climate and the recent developments has forced lot of people to migrate to Bangalore. so the real estate business is booming.. so Bangalore is all right for investment.


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Bangalore is major IT hub ,People come from rest of country to work here who requires properties like flat and apartments to live in. In Bangalore ,investing in property is also good decisions for getting good return.


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Bangalore is quite popular among real estate investors these days. Many popular companies are now opening their offices here so commercial properties have a higher demand here....even the requirement for residential properties has also increased in the past few years.


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Bangalore is fully converting into technology based industrial City. People come here from different cities to make their carrier. Students come to study and doing different courses. There are lots of development projects are under process. Due to these reason I believe that investing in properties of Bangalore would be safe and secure investment.


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How have property prices in Bangalore performed lately? Have they been strong? What do you expect going forward?