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  1. swathisharan

    swathisharan New Member

    I hope bangalore is the best location for the investment.
  2. mehak saxena

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    Indian Real estate is getting better day by day. There are many big towns which will better option for investment such as Delhi-Ncr, Pune,Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai etc. If you have good budget, then Mumbai will be a best luxury location for investment. Mumbai is known as the city with the highest standard of living. Investments made in residential projects in Mumbai can yield big returns.

    Top Residential Location in Mumbai..
    1. Dombivali
    2. Bhandup(w)
    3. Sion
    4. Parel
    5. Chembur
    6. Andheri East
  3. lookinginvest

    lookinginvest Member

    Is economic growth in excess of 7% pa, as we have seen over the last two years, viable in the short to medium term? Surely the Indian authorities will need to expertly micromanage the economy and the property market to avoid overheating if growth continues at current rates?
  4. Prithvi

    Prithvi New Member

    One trend investors need to find and notice is that local realty buzz in the market, when too much of pushing activity is on rise, it should be taken with a pinch of salt. Neither go for the proven cities and markets, which gives a minimum guarantee of return. If somebody is not in experiment mode, then Mumbai is always there to give back your investment worth.
  5. I would suggest looking at some of the up-and-coming cities of India where populations are growing, employment is high and there is a growing level of disposable income. The safest option would be to stick with the well-known cities which are doing well at the moment but for those a little more ambitious, is it time to look towards up-and-coming city?
  6. Subhashini

    Subhashini New Member

    Indian real estate is getting better every day. Many big cities are there in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc. But I hope Bangalore is the best place for investment in real estate. Top localities in Bangalore :

    1. Whitefiled
    2. Begur
    3. Rajaji nagar
    4. Yelehanka
    5. K R Puram
  7. realdeals

    realdeals Active Member

    Hi @Subhashini - what kind of investment returns are you expecting in the short, medium and longer term?
  8. Subhashini

    Subhashini New Member

  9. ThomasD

    ThomasD New Member

    Pune is best & rapid growing destination for property investment in Maharashtra.
  10. sujata

    sujata New Member

    these are the major cities in India for property investment
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  11. sujata

    sujata New Member

    From my point of view Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore are the best cities for real estate property investment.
  12. FWL

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    Are there any smaller towns which offer good solid long-term growth potential for the future? Every time I look at the Indian property market everything seems to focus on the major cities which continue to expand. However, the fact they are the centre of the employment markets does support this power and influence.
  13. Longterminvestor

    Longterminvestor Administrator

    From what I read the vast majority of activity in the Indian real estate market centres around just a handful of major cities. I expect it will spread out to the outer areas at some point but not really any signs as yet?
  14. Shwetadgaikwad

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  15. Niharika

    Niharika New Member

    I would say Mumbai!

    No doubt there are plenty of push factors but yes some pull factors of investing in Mumbai are,

    1) Commercial Heart of India
    2) Financial Capital of India
    3) Bollywood Capital of India
    4) Importance of Face to Face Meetings
    5) Talent Pool
    6) Inertia Affect

    One of the major reasons is the talent pool. If you are working in finance or Bollywood or at a corporate, you want to come to Mumbai because that is where the best & high paying jobs are in your dream field.

    If you are working in finance or Bollywood or at a corporate, you want to come to Mumbai because that is where the best & high paying jobs are in your dream field. So you come to Mumbai, land a job, start a family, put your kids in school and before you know it you’re a Mumbaikar.

    It’s more likely that if you make any changes it will be to move to another company within Mumbai than changing Cities. Those companies that don’t have a location in Mumbai thus risk not having access to the best talent in India now and later. In turn, an inertia effect occurs where Companies have to stay in Mumbai because that is where the talent is and individuals have to come to Mumbai for the best jobs in their field. To be fair, this is not a Mumbai phenomenon but applicable to all major Alpha Cities: New York City, San Francisco Bay/Silicon Valley, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, etc.

    Simply put, India is growing faster than any other major economy and Mumbai is its commercial capital. For the long term, I think buying commercial property in Mumbai whether it be Office space or Retail space is an obvious decision.
  16. Longterminvestor

    Longterminvestor Administrator

    India has a massive and growing population and as the wealth continues to expand outwards from the major cities I think there will be huge opportunities.
  17. Is IT the next big sector in India? I have seen a lot of India based technologies emerging of late.
  18. diyhelp

    diyhelp Active Member

    So, that begs the question, which cities in India best represent future growth markets for the IT sector?
  19. What are the main downsides of investing in the Indian property market? The authorities seem to have addressed some of the money laundering issues over the last couple of years. Are there any other issues to be aware of?

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